Acropolis Class

This is an older Fanship I did in around 2010, since there were a BUNCH of FASA, SFB and SOTSF Frigates around, I had to find something to make this one different, and so I gave it a few lighter torps on swivel mounts, in addition to the normal dual forward larger tubes, represented in SFB as Mini-Photons. It is 1X.

Brdg: 2
Aux: 2
Emer: 2
Prb: 1
Lab: 4
Tran: 4
Trac: 4
Hull: 12x F, 8x A
Shtl: 10
Barr: 2
Warp: 2x 15
Imp: 8
AWR: 4
Btty: 6
Ph-1: x4-FH, x2-LS, x2-RS
Ph-G: x1-LS, x1-RS
Phtn: x4-FA
Mini-Photon: x2-FX
Drn-GX: 4

Move Cost: .66
Turn Mode: C
Breakdown: 5-6

Sensor: 6-6-5-3-1-0
Scanner: 0-0-1-3-5-9
Damcon: 6-4-4-2-2-2-0
Excdam: 7

Crew Units: 41
Boarding Parties: 43

Shields: 36/32/32/32/32/32

BPV = 183 (Upgrading the AWR to A2R increases BPV to 188)