Getting Started

I have never played F&E. To be totally honest, I played like five games of SFB back around 1992-1993 or so, but I read a lot of modules, CLs, etc. I'd like to play both, but since this is the F&E forum I'll restrict myself to that for this topic. What is the best way to get started playing F&E?

I apparently have a '89 version of the F&E rulebook (a PDF someone gave me for whatever reason). I know that 2010 removed CEDS and some other stuff changed. My question is, should I hunt down the 2010 rulebook? I highly doubt I'll ever get to play either F&E or SFB in person again (my poor minis...) so I don't think I need the entire box.

Second question is, how do I get started? I'm looking for recommendations: do I pester some unlucky sap into babysitting me through an already tediously long wargame? Is there a good solo scenario I should look into?

F&E Digital

If you're interested in F&E play, I'd suggest starting with the Vassel module (There is a cyberboard version, but I haven't peeked at it) and then sending out posts in SFB forums (such as this one) that you are looking for opponents. I know of a couple people off the top of my head that play, and they use the digital stuff to do it.


I'll snag the Vassal Module and give it a go.

Now to find someone to teach me how to play. :D