Fighting the B10/11 - build your fleet

So Battle Group Tampa has talked about doing a large fleet battle every few months. Our first is listed in the 2019 FTF games section and is the Klingon B11s vs. the Kzinti SDS including escorts on both sides as well as fighters and PF's. Each side is roughly 1150 points not counting C.O.

Build a fleet to oppose the Klingons B11S fleet as detailed:


B11S = 400

2xAD5 = 240

1xAF5 = 100

12xZYC = 144

6xG1 = 252

Total = 1136

What empire would you choose and why? What ships would you put against the B11S fleet?

Fed Y185 Carrier Task Force


CVA+ = 182
NAC = 128
DEA = 104
DWS = 101
NVL = 120
FFA = 90
FFE = 80

12x F-14B = 132
12x A-10 = 120
12x F-18 = 96

BPV = 1153

I have next to no experience, so I look forward to someone showing me the error of my ways but this is the task group I would have put together. It's based around the CVA and it's NAC, DEA, FFA escort package for Y185, with it's F-14B and A-10 fighter wings. I added a war destroyer scout for additional EW and seeking weapons channels to help protect the fleet. With what remained I opted for another light carrier (since it's gonna be drones and phasers, not photons that carry the day here) in the NVL and gave it an FFE escort with the points that remained. I would have preferred another wing of F-14s but I didn't know how to get them without having another DN hull. I could have come down off the CVA to a CVS and gone with a heavily F-18 laden fleet but I have a soft spot for the big heavy carrier task group idea.

The obvious tactic is to keep the fleet together, using the scout to help identify incoming seeking weapons and lend EW as needed. The attack method against the B11S is going to be overwhelming seeking weapons thanks to hordes of fighter launched drones, I think.

Drone Speed Upgrades

Did you guys factor the cost of drone speed upgrades into your BPVs? Or are you running around with slow drones?


Well damn. I guess pull out the FFE and use that for drone upgrades. I dunno why I forgot that other than lack of experience.

Andromedan Y184 "Hammer and Sickle" group

Who would want a Space Control Ship without Andromedans to fight? in this case, it's almost like a meeting of giants...

A Dominator Dreadnaught group with the energy module swapped out for a pair of decoy SSUs. An Exploiter Light Cruiser runs escort, giving the dreadnaught a heavy second punch.

DOM - 457
MAM - 130
MAM - 130
EEL - 92
TERM - 102
2x DSU - 20

EXP - 192

TOTAL: 1123

Upon examination of the Klingon force, they have a large drone launch capability (12 racks on ships and 22 more on attrition units) and few disruptors (13 between ships and attrition units). They are obviously aiming to build several drone-heavy waves and use the disruptors in an "as needed" role. Their lack of special sensors (an SCS without sensors. Who knew?) means they are likely to put out ECM drones as their first act. Also note that with no Stasis Field Generators, the B10 can be safely engaged in a knife fight.

The Andromedan force is heavy on "torps", with 8 TRHs and 6 TRLs, heavy on EW with the Eel's 4 channels and ample battery power, and heavy on special systems; 18 mines (the Klingon has 12), 6 Displacement devices, and a mauler. When things get to range 3, the Andromedan is likely to do more damage than the Klingons do. As a result, the Klingons will likely want to keep the range at 5-8 (range 15 shots sound attractive against the Andromedan group, but will be largely useless.) The Andromedans will be interested in a long-range battle (12-20) where they can kill drones in peace, or a knife-fight where their larger number of heavy units will decide the battle.

Begin putting the Mambas, Eel, and Terminator out. The Exploiter and Dominator will largely stay together, as will the Terminator. The Mambas will lead the group by 3-5 hexes and the Eel will trail the motherships by as much as 10 hexes. This allows the Mambas to soak up the attacks and the Eel to deal with drones or provide defensive EW. The Terminator can be used as an "attractive nuisance" that pulls direct fire from other ships or as an anti-drone weapon (maulers being an unpenalized weapon (FD1.51) ) useful as far as range 5.

The Andromedan fleet is at home with a low-tempo battle against this Klingon fleet. The Klingons will take the time to build up large amounts of drones on the board, which can be bunched up and destroyed by mines, singletons knocked out by the Eel or Terminator, or occasionally taken on panels in order to rebuild the energy reserves. The Eel should devote 2 channels to drones and another channel each to EW for the Exploiter and Dominator. By the end of the third turn, the Attrition units should have exhausted their stocks of drones and be landing. By the fourth turn, most of the drones should have been managed and the Klingon ships are merely trying to keep the Andromedans away with their own racks (which are starting to appear threadbare by now.)

At some point (probably by the third or fourth turn), the Klingons will decide that drones-alone will not win the day, and they will attempt to close. Make strong efforts to displace the B10 away from the rest of the group when they attain range 15. This should not only weaken the Klingon push, but disrupt the attrition units attempts to cover their home ship. Once the Klingons reach range 8, expect to lose a Mamba to phasers and disruptors. It would be fairly safe to ignore the B10 if the AD5 and most of the PFs can be eliminated in this first brush with fire. The Mambas should be tasked with killing PFs and the motherships tasked with killing real ships. Try to force the Klingons to trade the AD5, most of the PFs, and perhaps the AF5 for a couple of Mambas.

The following turn will probably see the Klingons attempt to pressure the Andromedans while reloading. Weather the storm and break it up with displacement devices that weren't used yet. Once the TRs are reloaded, turn about and try to kill the B10. Once she is dead or mission-killed, the attrition units and the F5 are simply there to be mopped up.