Saturnfive Miller archive?

Hi guys

So after getting pooped on by Steve Cole (see my "Why is there a Saddam..." thread over in Likely Deletes), I literally took an eight year (almost nine year) break from this game. What I see when I finally did come back (i.e. got bored one day recently and on a whim decided to start playing SFC II again, and subsequently put together light, medium, and heavy dreadnought versions of my Deltan "Hades" dreadnought from back in the day, as well as a battleship) is saddening, to say the least. No new modules for SFB released since 2011 and any remaining fan content ADB didn't manage to purge is a patchwork of long-since dormant, half-functional websites.

I am thus late to the party in many ways, including in grabbing the Don Miller archives from saturnfive, which apparently were up as recently as 2017:

I don't suppose anyone still has these and could pass them along to me? I may be able to still salvage something of worth out of the money I wasted on SFB books back in 2010 yet...

Fan Websites

It seems that you are looking for fresh material. Would you be happy with fresh activity, instead?
For example, I am still running campaigns with my Dramatic Star Fleet system. My own website doesn't add much fresh material (in the form of ships or empires) but I have been collecting campaigns like baseball cards.

Dramatic Star Fleet and Miller

Well I signed up for the Dramatic Star Fleet thing. It's very interesting (seems like a nice way of having relatively simple campaign rules. I never felt like having both an excessively complicated strategic layer AND an excessively complicated tactical layer in the same game was the right approach), but since I've never had the opportunity to face a live SFB opponent, I imagine I'll be quite rubbish, so it'd probably best if I just spectated at first. If that's okay.

I'd still very much like a copy of the Miller files if anyone still has them, however. Messing with ship stats, whether it's SSDs in SFB, Starship Display Cards in Star Trek: Fleet Captains, or (most recently) Spaceframes in Star Trek Adventures, is my jam. I'd be particularly interested to see if there was anything Miller never got around to doing with his "megabox" system.

I wouldn't worry about being

I wouldn't worry about being Rubbish- I'm in the Dramatic SFB campaign, and I promise, I'm not a good player either- I'm playing an empire that I've never played before, and it's not exactly an uncommon one... I just don't have much experience in the game. I'm just hoping to use it as a learning experience.

Captain Trek

Good to see you back in the game. Don't worry about TPTB. Enjoy the game for what it is and don't worry about management. We've built up a solid, functional Battle Group with around 15 members/players. We enjoy the game and don't even think about TPTB.

Just enjoy :)

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