The Paladin-Class in FC

Cygnus-X1 and I have saved the Paladin-Class Scout/Destroyer Deck Plans, with me fixing the SPR from 1/3 to 1/4, as befits an FSP Shield Generator in one of the sheets, and doing up a Mk V and Mk VI, one a Minesweeper, one with a Weapon Pod containing Pulse Phasers and Quantum Torpedoes.

My other SSD for the Paladin-Class, being a more Don Miller Conversion, can be found elsewhere, usually on Deviantart, and this version, being more of a normal SFB and FC version, is below:

Brdg: 3
Aux: 1
Emer: 1
Prb: 1 (SC has 2)
Specsen: 0 (SC has 6)
Lab: 12
Tran: 2
Trac: 2
Hull: 23x C (SC), 25x C (DD)
Cargo: 6 (SC), 4 (DD)
Hold: 2
Shtl: 2
Warp: 2x 22
Imp: 6
A2R: 8
Btty: 8 (Capacity of 7)
Ph-TNG: x8-FX (SC and DD), x1-LF+L, x1-RF+R, x1-LR+R, x1-RR+R (DD) (3 points per Ph-TNG)
Phtn: x4-FA+RA (DD)

Move Cost: 1.5
Turn Mode: D
Breakdown: 6

Sensor: 8/7/6/6/5/3/1/0
Scanner: 0/0/0/0/1/3/5/9
Damcon: 8/8/6/6/4/4/2/0
Excdam: 8

Crew Units: 10
Boarding Parties: 3

Shields: 40/32/32/32/32/32

BPV = 235 (SC), 228 (DD)