Miranda SSDs


The preserved SSD for the USS Saratoga (NCC-31911), I'll try to find or recreate the others.


USS Miranda

Reconstructed SSD of the normal Miranda Class.

Perhaps you should add a Large Megaphaser Wing (wi/2-Ph-M-MCFA, 2 APR and 2 Btty) to it, bringing it's BPV up to 153.

USS Soyuz

Reconstructed SSD of the Soyuz Class Patrol Frigate from Cause and Effect.

USS Lantree

I also did a Freighter Variant of the Miranda based on the USS Lantree (NCC-1837) in Unnatural Selection.

To simulate ships variant, remove all AWRs, Photons, and any Phasers other than the normal 12 Ph-1s, and add 10 Cargo Boxes.

Crew Units: 3 (Minimum 1)
Boarding Parties: 1

BPV = 135