Lyran Quadmaran hulls

If the Lyran Battleship is the Quadmaran version of the Tiger, the Trimaran being the Lion Dreadnaught

what would the Quadmaran version of the Leopard be? the Trimaran being the Jaguar War Cruiser?

Lyran NCA

The Quadmaran version of the Lyran Leopard (DD) is the Lyran King Jaguar (NCA)

So the progression goes:
Cheatah (FF) to AlleyCat (DW) to TopCat (HDW)
Leopard (DD) to Jaguar (CW) to King Jaguar (NCA)
Panther (CL) to WildCat (BC)
Tiger (CA) to Lion (DN) to Cave Lion (BB)

You can draw similar parallels across the empires. FFs generally were converted to DWs. DD designs were generally converted to CWs who's designs were then almost universally converted to NCAs.

Quadruplet Kittens

I made a Lyran Quadrimaran; - put it up on forums.