How to Build a Xorkaelian for 2Xe/2Xs/2Xl

Step I:
Go to ANY SFB Master Ship Chart, Ship Construction System, or some kind of vague Guideline.

Step II:
Use the Typical SSD Box Count for that Movement Cost, example: 100 for Size Class 3, 120 for Size Class 2 2Xe ships.

Step III:
Use typical Ph-1 or Ph-5 count of 14 for Move Cost 1 Ships, -/+ for smaller/larger ships, and for All Normal Heavy Mounts, use Hellrakers at a 1-1 rate.

Step IV:
Use typical Shield Counts of 2Xe size Classes (48-42-42-36-36-30) (36-30-30-27-27-27) (30-27-27-24-24-24)

Step V:
Use around 7-8 boxes each for Sensor/Scanner/Damcon/Excdam, with a slightly higher number of 6-rating Damcon Boxes.