Storage Solutions

Having just bought back into the game for the 3rd time in my life(most everything SFB is a giant box!). What are you guys using for storage? I assume these days if you have the MRB you can just set the rules part of each module aside since it shouldn't be needed. Do you store your SSDs by race or module? In three-ring binders or in some sort of file folder box? Counters should be pretty easy and a smaller footprint than all this ASL I have around here.



I have a LOT of counters. I keep them in plastic storage boxes that have individual compartments. Normally by race. I do section out things like drones, plasma, mines, shuttles etc. I have regular counters separate from tournament counters. These bins also contain my dice, grease pencils, regular pencils etc.

I have probably 2/3 of the modules in hard copy for reference and SSD's but have almost everything on PDF including the MRB (2012 and Omega). So I just have it on my iphone or ipad when playing.

I have a couple of large 3-ring binders and divide SSD's by race. Mostly though I've lately just been going to the appropriate module PDF and printing out the ship(s) I need for the next game.

I have on shelf devoted to SFB. Another shelf for Axis & Allies.

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Boxes and boxes

Back in the day, my rules were in a (rather large) three-ring binder and the SSDs were photocopies stored in manilla folders. The counters were stored in little plastic boxes, sorted by empire.

These days, I've gone digital. The markers are still in those little square, plastic boxes, but my (since re-purchased) rules are now bundled into a box in storage. Everything paper has been scanned in and converted to HTML (complete with hyperlinking of each rules call-out - in the case of the rules) or readied for instant printing (in the case of SSDs.)

Yeah, I took the hard-road with the rules. Scanning, OCRing, washing through a couple of scripts, and then proofread is incredibly tedious. But the result is a better product than a straight PDF because it's smaller on the hard-disk and the user can always tell their browser to blow-up or change the font (plus hyperlinking!)


Yup, 3 ring binders, three 3 inch binders, and one 1 inch binder.
A file box with dividers by race & class. document protectors for every master SSD copy.
Another file box for everything that is not the rule book or SSDs.
We use plastic compartment boxes for counters. One box per race. They all stack in a file box too.


For the rule book, take an old tablet, head over to Warehouse23 and get the COMPLETE 2012 final silver electronic
rule book!
My bud just did. Said when you over, you dont want to haul the rule books around no more.

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That's the way to go when you don't want to haul around a phone book sized rule book!

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