Captain's Yeoman Module A+

Does anyone have this module? I just ordered it.

At a recent game session for Battle Group Tampa one of our members brought Impulse Cards. This was a nice change of pace and seemed to quicken the game up. I was impressed enough that I went on a quest for some cards for myself and that lead me to the Yeoman's Module which has Impulse cards (a bit different I think from what he was using but the same idea I believe). Also has Point-of-Turn and Point-of-slip counters which we use a LOT. Previously I had just printed out 'T' and 'S' on cardboard stock and cut them out. These counters look better and will get a lot of use.

I'll take a look at the rest of the stuff in the Module and see what's usable.

Anyone else have/use it? Which I'd considered this sooner.

Received it in the mail

Received it in the mail yesterday. I'm going to get a lot of use out of this module. The Impulse cards are going to be fun to use and speed the game up. The 'point-of-turn/slip' counters will be VERY useful and will take the place of my cardboard 'T' and 'S' counters. The Commander and Battle cards may or may not get used, I'll have to see. The various reference and EA and ammo sheets will probably find some use. All in all a great module.

Not sure why they don't print this one anymore? It is very useful to have.

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Highly useful

This play aid continues to be one of the most useful products ADB has put out. The POT and POS markers are invaluable, particularly in larger battles with multiple ships. Our normal Battle Group games are 6-8 ships so it really helps keep things straight. This should be a standard item available on counter sheets, although not at ADB's shipping charges which are ridiculous.

The impulse cards are something I REALLY like. Speeds up the flow of the game and let's you know the next time you move at a glance.

It's really a shame that this module isn't in print right now.

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser