Death Bolt and Tachyon Missile for Tournaments

As of right now the Carnivon and Maesron are unsanctioned tourney ships. The Maesron TM currently has only two modes of operation as stated on the SSD. The SSD is no longer on the ADB website however so I'm not sure what those modes are, however, the speed of both is 22.

This brings up the discussion of what modes, if any, the DB and TM should have in the tournament. Both are similar in that they can be modified in terms of endurance, armor, anti-tractor, ECM, warhead yield and either focused burst (DB) or phaser options (TM).

What would allow the DB and TM to retain the flavor of regular SFB but also have the balance necessary for tourney play? As I pointed out elsewhere, the Orion and WYN have optional mounts with set parameters as options. Is it possible to allow some additional options on the DB and TM, within limits for tournament play?

Another example would be drones in tournament play for the Kzin and Klinks. Each is allowed a few points for mods on a small number of their drones. Perhaps the same situation where some of the 12 (DB) or 10 (TM) missiles could be modified, within set limits, to add the flavor of the weapon. Or perhaps all could be modified but with a set number of 'points' allowed for each one.

Tourney DB

I'll start with the DB. In regular play the warhead can be reduced in increments of up to 6 points for each category: Anti-tractor, focused burst, EW, armor and spitfire.

Perhaps each DB could use up to a maximum of 6 points for any ONE DB. EW and/or Spitfire may or may not be subject to being eliminated completely for tournament use.

Thus a single DB could be reduced to a warhead of 24 while allowing up to 3 points of anti-tractor OR 3 additional points of armor OR the Focused Burst option. Anti-tractor could be combined with the armor option to mix and match but the FB is an all or none for the 6 points.

This allows a small point option for each DB but doesn't get crazy unpredictable or convoluted for a tourney game.


My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser

Any thoughts?

Anyone have some thoughts of alternate DB's for tourney play?

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser

DB in tournaments

Very late to the party. Apologies.

I've already tried to put forth a Carnivon tourney cruiser (the back-door way: I've been told by the management that they don't like my input). My solution for tournament Death Bolts was to not allow them to be modified. They are straight 30-dmg, 10 hit-point, speed 20 drones with funny reloading rules and a funny way of hitting a side-shield.

This makes them simple enough that a tourney player can wrap their head around the missile inbound, and tracks with the same capabilities of the traditional drones in the tourney format.

Why don't the PTB like your

Why don't the PTB like your suggestions?

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser

Why the PTB?

The PTB told me to stop contributing because I was vocal about displaying dislike about the SFB Online's 3rd Generation SSD. You can read the details here