Electronic Warfare D6.3

Battle Group Tampa has expanded it's membership by another 4 players with possibly a few more coming in later. I'm very excited and happy about this and everyone is enjoying the game.

We had a version of Zarmoly by the Tail in BGT's FTF game yesterday. In it we had a Hydran Dragoon with Stinger-2 fighers using EW pods. First time I've really used those rules (D6.3) or rather, really understood them.

The suggestion was made to start a campaign so I've proposed doing something with the Andros. I've wanted to play them but haven't had the opportunity. As such it has become apparent that we need to institute EW rules into the game. I/we will be brushing up on these rules and I will be brushing up on the Andros.

Who else uses EW rules. Any tips, tricks or tactics would be welcome to pass along to the group.

EW Tricks

One trick I get alot of mileage out of, is (D6.312).

Basically put, You advance some EW from batts during the fire allocation step. This allows you to switch things around if you think you are being fired at or if you plan on hitting him. It's good for a surprise, but is susceptible to "Me Too" fire (as the other guy thinks you are upping the EW, so he does the same.)

Thank you

Appreciate the tip.

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EW in the last game

We used EW in the last game. It was 'okay' but we're considering dropping it except for things like fighters and such with EWP's. Just to speed the game up a bit. We'd rather spend the time on things like BP and such.

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser


We proved over and over again, fleet maneuvers needs a scout.
I am always the scout.
When you use 1/4 points in SFB, every advantage counts.
The advantage of EW is a more accurate combat experience.
Without firing a shot, I can nullify seeking weps. Stop a ally from dying when they have a breakdown.

Yup it drags out the game.

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