Battle Group Tampa

Battle Group Tampa

Planning the first game of the year: Dharmoly by the tail. Classic Fed vs. Klink battle including an Xship!

Where Wisdom Fails - The Ambush

Battle Group Tampa was able to get together today for a game, first of 2019. We played the scenario, 'The Ambush' from CL 4 in the story 'Where Wisdom Fails'. I first played this scenario back in 1986 and had a blast. It's a Hydran Dragoon fleeing from a Klink D7 and F5. Game was brought up to date with all ships having refits, S32 drones and Stinger 2's.

Very challenging game that had a LOT of maneuvering around the board. Basically the Klinks have to kill the Hydran while the Hydran has to disengage by distance. In order to do it though it's got to fight one or both.

I was the Hydran. I chose to take on the D7 in order to damage it enough that it couldn't keep up it's speed. I launched my 3 stingers but they were all crippled in short order. I was able to damage his #2 shield though. After quite a bit of finesse I managed to hit him with a couple of standard HB's and some phaser fire. Slowed him a bit. Later on the next turn I managed to hit him with a standard and an OL HB and phasers which defanged him and cut out a fair amount of power. I rolled very well for damage. Meanwhile, the D7 wasn't giving up easy nor the F5. Between the two of them I lost 3 or the 4 HB's, all of my port phasers, only shield #3 was untouched, all the others were trashed or nearly trashed and I lost some power. The F5 was almost untouched but I managed to finally disengage by distance.

Lots of drone, hit-n-run, transporter bomb action all the way around.

Tough victory. That Hydran is a tough ship!

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CapLog 4

Captain's Log #4 is my second-favorite CapLog (The first is #6: Battleships.) It introduces the Anarchrist, which would later spawn a recurring article in future CapLogs. It also includes the only artwork that SFB had for Hydrans (as a species) for two to three decades.

Where Wisdom Fails is a good mini-campaign that encourages teamwork and does a good job of enhancing the mystery of the unknown.

Good Stuff!

We thoroughly enjoyed the

We thoroughly enjoyed the game. We brought the scenario up to Captain's Edition standards and used all the refits through Y175.

I think I chose just the right time to launch my Stingers. He hit with all four OL disruptors but three of them were on the fighters. If he had planted all four into my #5 shield (along with the phasers he fired) it would have possibly made a difference. Maybe, maybe not but it's possible I may have not had the energy in later turns to disengage. So although none of the Stingers got a chance to fire anything more than a single ph-3 they did a great job of soaking up damage instead of my ship.

Enjoyed the story as well and have read it multiple times.

CL6 is also a good one and the B10 has always been a favorite. I've flown it once and flown against it once. Thing is just a pig and a lot of fun.

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Fun times

It was indeed a fun game. As I learn the system, the games will get closer and closer.

Zarmoly by the Tail

We had a modified version of Zarmoly by the Tail yesterday. On one side was a Fed CX (modified to include some Vorlon Agent X rules such as ASIF and phaser V's and VI's), Fed CAR+ and Hydran Dragoon vs. Klink C7, D7W and Peladine CC.

Good game that had a LOT of drone action. Commander's options were in use as was EW for the first time (for the fighters). The CX was able to weather the drone storm but by plan it kept it at bay. We (Klink/Pel) managed to slightly damage the CX and we trashed the CAR+ with disruptor fire and enveloped type S plasma pouring in through three down shields. Hydran was unscathed except for very minor shield damage from a T-bomb. He lost one Stinger and the one other was crippled.

My D7W was trashed by Stingers and Dragoon Helbores though :(

We called it a draw but I think had it continued the Fed/Hydran side would maybe have prevailed as we were running low on drones and with the loss of my ship severely cut the drone supply. This would have left the CX a lot more free to reign down on someone.

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Next game

Planned for Thursday, Feb 7th. 7:30pm.

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Great game last night!

Two teams of four players last night. Everyone had a different ship. Represented were Klinks, Gorn, Tholian and Paravian vs. Drex (from Omega), Hydran, Romulan and Kzin. The Drex/Hydran/Rom/Kzin side won by trashing two of the other sides cruisers. Lots of fun though.

Battle Group Tampa has been quite active here in the new year. So far we've had four games! We added a three new players last night. One was a newbie and two were veterans in search of a group. Found them on Star List.

We're looking into a campaign with the Andros as well as an 'in-house' tournament among the group.

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New Guy

Hey all,
Just joined the community (thank you David for the assist) and hear there are a good number SFB's folks in tampa. I started playing back in the 80's, yes old guy. Haven't played much in last 15 years but still have all the stuff. Look forward to breaking out the Gorn again.

I'm up in the Pasco/Trinity area, name is Chris.

I'll keep an eye out for the f2f local events.


The group is in the Pinellas, Hillsborough, Sarasota area. We normally have the FTF games in the Westchase area by Citrus Park. We'll definitely let you know the next game :) I'll be looking to get a date out to everyone after my vacation is officially over mid-week.

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Andros vs. Borak

Game planned for tomorrow night.



Total of 781 with C.O.


8xHunter-Killer fighters

Total 781 with C.O.

Report to follow...

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Borak win the day...

It was a tough fight. The Andro players knew what they were doing and knew all the Andro shenanigans :)


Andros at the top of the board, Borak on the bottom. Andros start out at S21. Borak at S24. We (Borak) had the capacitors full at 20 points for our phasers. We all had an HET allocated as we figured one or some of us may need it. We were right. On I2 we each launched our two HK fighters with WBP at S30 to get out in front of us. As the two squadrons closed the Andros displaced one our BC's but only 3 hexes and not in the direction they wanted. He was able to quickly rejoin the force and we stayed together a hex apart with the fighters 2-3 hexes out in front.

About mid-turn they displaced another one of our BC's. This time they plot worked and it was displaced 6 hexes towards them. The Intruder unloaded on each other with everything that would bear. Intruder had its front panels filled about 3/4ths of the way. BC took a solid handful of internals. Didn't lose much though so we thought he'd be okay. We were wrong.

He HET'd to get a fresh shield facing them but the Terminator turned in and unloaded for 84 points of damage. That netted about 50ish internals. The Mega-phasers and Phaser-cannons were protected because they were out of arc. He lost a few small phasers and a couple of ph-1's. Mostly power, batteries, hull and such. He was still combat capable but lacked the legs to stay in the fight.

Andros speed changed to S31 and cut out to the right. We burned some batts (filled with warp power) to hit S31 ourselves. They did send out one of the Cobras to try to kill some fighters and cover their rear. It killed a couple of fighters and did a bit of shield damage on one BC. We trashed it with ph-1 and ph-cannon fire. We then the Intruder's rear panels with 9 mega-phasers which overloaded them and net us 50ish internals taking out a TRH, some phasers, batts and some power.


Intruder displaced out of harm's way before our phasers cycled. They were around S26. We maintained S31 and filled as much of our capacitors as we could and topped of batts. We got to within 3-4 hexes of the Terminator and Conquistador. The speed changed to S31 so that was as close as we were going to get. We fired everything we had (9xmega-phasers and 20+ ph-1's give or take and trashed the Conquistador.

With the Intruder hurt, the second heavy and a Cobra trashed the Andro disengaged.

Tough battle that could have gone either way. Andros had a sound strategy and had they been able to damage 2 of our BC's instead of just one I think they would have carried the battle.

Borak BC's are tough phaser boats. When they can coordinate fire they can inflict some fairly horrendous damage if the dice roll their way. We all rolled fairly average throughout the night. Except for the short displacement roll I think the Andros maybe did a tad better than average.

In the end it was 12 mega-phasers vs. 5 TRH's that made the difference. Although they max out the same the TRH stays more potent as the range increases. However, the MP cycles every turn which made a big difference.

Although it was only a 2-turn game it lasted about 4 1/2 hours. Each turn was packed with a lot of stuff and I only presented the Reader's Digest version.

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It was a good game. The

It was a good game. The Andros tactics were solid, but got screwed a bit by the dice rolls. Luckily after I got displaced, I was in line to go nova on the ship that displaced me. I wasn't able to penetrate the PA panels, but it was enough to cause them to displace the ship out of harms way, as the 3 other Borak were bearing down on them. I was badly damaged, and spent the rest of the game attempting to limp my way back into the fight, but the game ended before I could.