Thought it may be an interesting thread for folks to list what SFB material they have on PDF. Good way to see if you've missed something or see something you didn't even know existed.

So far I have:

*Companion Games

Argonians 1-3
Far Side 1
Indirigan 1
Krebiz 1-4
Mechad 1
Vektreans 1

*SFB stuff

CL 7,27,28 and 29
Omega MRB
Basic set SSD
Modules C3A, C5 ssd, P6, R2 ssd, R3 ssd, R4 ssd, T 2012, E2, E3, E4, R107 and Tactics Manual.

*Pinwheel and other

SSJ Shipyards of Vega
Module PW 1 and PW 3

email me

HTML also?

I have gotten one or two items on PDF (master rulebook, among others), but all of my stuff has been converted to HTML and otherwise scanned in. The advantage there is hyperlinking the rule references and the end-user can define their own font-size.


With the benefit of access to a high speed scanner, I have pdfs of everything I own except the Captain's Logs. A,nd the only modules I still don't own are:
R9: The Ships That Never Were
R12: Unusual Ships
Ω4: The Omega Rebellion
Ω5: Omega Flotillas

I have a complete set of original hard copy Captain's Logs, but I haven't gotten around to scanning them.

The Master Rulebook on pdf is one the first things I bought for the game, but I've found it worthwhile to scan paper modules as I've acquired them, just to have searchable versions of the RSTU sections.


I shot you an email.

I have pretty much everything either in hard copy or PDF now. Missing a few odds and ends maybe like 'Booms and Saucers' but can't see I'd ever need that one? I don't have the last couple of CL's on PDF. ADB hasn't put the last 7 CL's on PDF and it doesn't appear there is a rush to do so unfortunately.

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Companion Games

And if anyone would like CG, shoot me an email.

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser