Current games?

Anyone have a recent,current or ongoing game, tourney or campaign?

Running Campaign

I'm still running the Dramatic SFB campaign. We're a few iterations out from the one that I have posted here before, but we're over 20 people strong. I've recently given a couple of the players enough of the reins so that they could start copies of it themselves.


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High Praise

Thank you. For those who can't find it or don't want to open a new page to get it, here is the animation he is talking about.

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Teaching game

Had a great teaching game over the weekend. Next game is scheduled for Wed with the person I taught and a more seasoned player and myself.

Good to get back into some games!

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To add:

We used Frigates. I had him as a Klink F5 and I took the Selt FF. During the game I got the chance to demonstrate the basics such as movement, turns, slide slips and such of course. Seeking weapons with the drones and direct fire (CCF). Also got a chance to demonstrate tractors and I showed him how to catch my ship so his SP drones (also demonstrated) were able to catch and cripple the Selt FF. Good teaching game.

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser

Game night

Tonight was Fed CA and Gorn BC vs. Klink D7 and Lyran CA. Very good teaching game that covered all the basics of seeking weapon movement, transporter bombs, hit-and-run raids, and Mizia tactics.

Fed/Gorn team won by trashing the Lyran (both ESG's got blown off of course).

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser

I haven't played in a while,

I haven't played in a while, but I've recently splurged. I ordered modules R2, R4, R5, Y1, and S1. I finally filled out my collection to where I wanted it. I'm hoping to get in a game this either today or tomarrow. If one happens, I'll post it here. Gonna try and set up a funcky scenario. Maybe a Battleship against a bunch of Early ships. I always enjoy scenarios where there is one powerful ship against a fleet of less advanced/smaller ships. It's fun to see what a single ship can do.

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Current Campaign

The Dramatic SFB just opened up another couple of iterations.

The "Midshipman's Game" just started. It's aimed at people who are new to the campaign format (and perhaps rusty on the game itself) with the intention of letting them get their feet wet, make some mistakes without lasting effects, and then get folded into the late-war campaign currently running.

Another is in the works that provides more chances for Pow Pow. It's a fast-moving (technologically-speaking) game for aggressive players.