Hey Guys,
I was wondering, what is the Great-Class Heavy Cruiser? It got mentioned in some index in a ADB PDF, and other than it being presumably older, and based around an interesting naming pattern, and being a fairly generic Cruiser of the era, there's little.

If there is no scenario or image, even an SSD for it, me or any of you could design one, how about that?

Great White Shark

Perhaps it was a typo? There is the "Great White" heavy cruiser of the WYN's new construction. YIS date of Y184.


I have now found out what the Great-Class was: It's the Alfred the Great-Class Heavy Cruiser, or the OCA published recently.

Was the the Texas class CA

Was the the Texas class CA that that appeared before the Constitution class CA? If so there was a story about on in CL. IIRC there were three 'Great-Class' CA's. Something like 30 warp instead of 24 and 4 photons instead of 2.

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser

Yes. It was called the

Yes. It was called the Province-Class, as early as 1989.