Starfleet battles Module M: Marines

Does anyone have Module M? What, if any, differences or additions are in this module beyond what's in the normal rule book i.e. capturing a ship or H&R raids?

Module M rules

Beyond the normal faire of copies of a certain kind of variant for every empire, it significantly adds to the process of ship capture and introduces the whole concept of ground combat.

In the "normal rules" (introduced in Advanced missions, I believe), ship capture is a matter of throwing a bunch of marines at the other guy, rolling some dice at the end of every turn, and capture a ship when you've finally ground down all of his marines and control stations.

In Module M, a finer-grain system is introduced. The same dice-charts are used, but each ship is divided into 1-6 sections. An attacker can take control of certain parts of a ship, making it unusable for the defender (or using it himself, depending on the circumstances). A ship is captured when all of the control areas are captured.

Ground combat is done in a similar fashion, and I gather that the 'Star Fleet Marines' product expands that system further (there is certainly a mapping of units in Module M to those used in SFM.)

Thank you

I appreciate the review. Found it on Amazon for $17 so I ordered it. :)

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I have it now, as well, quite

I have it now, as well, quite useful.

Hopefully it will be here

Hopefully it will be here late this week to look at and use. This is an area I'd like to get into so looking forward to it. Do either of you find it useful in your games on a general basis?

Is it more for multiple ships on one or would it also be useful in duels?

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser

Despite not being much of a

Despite not being much of a Marine man, I do find it a somewhat interesting expansion of Boarding Party and Ground Raid Actions, and I think the stuff in Module P6 might be somewhat related, and also fascinating to look at.