Life Support

I had to take a short break to wrap up school and complete a "small" project. I'm back into the process of dusting off my SFB stuff and figuring out what I've got.

I've been working my way through the energy allocation process. I came across some language for Life Support which has me a little confused. Section B3.1 discusses allocating the energy for life support. It includes a "note" that crippled ships use emergency life support, but also says that ships with no power or which do not have enough generated power remaining also use emergency life support (legendary captains can also, but I won't be using that rule for a while).

From my days playing the commander's edition there wasn't an option on life support, unless the ship was crippled. I don't recall the legendary officers info as we didn't use them if they were available.

It appears now that one could just "skip" the life support energy allocation and say you're using emergency life support because you don't have enough generated energy available (because you allocated it all to other functions).

I must be missing something.

No Free Lunch

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Unless you are so poor & beat up that you get some a charity handout.

A ship that has half or more of it's internal boxes is not crippled, and thus has to pay 1 for life support each turn. This is mandatory.

A ship that has fewer than half of it's internal boxes undamaged is crippled. When you are crippled, Emergency Life Support kicks in and you no longer have to pay 1 power.

Welcome back!

Thank you. I appreciate the

Thank you. I appreciate the clarification.