The Take One Leave One Library at Council

Hello SFB Grognards,

John Rigley and I had the distinct pleasure of hosting dinner for seven out-of-town guests who arrived today so they can start playing SFB as soon as the doors open for Council of Five Nations XL tomorrow at 10:00 AM.  Many thanks to Dr Dave Zimdars, Sebastian Palozzi, Fred Werenich, Kosta Michalopoulos, Steve McCann, Bill Schoeller and Big Ed Slusarek for trekking in early.


After procrastinating on this task far too long, I've finally completed a full inventory of the SWA's "Take One Leave One" library.  This is a big pile of goodies we have had available at Council for a few years now.  Many thanks to everyone who has donated over the years, but especially Mike Sanchez, Ken Stuart, and Nate Whitchurch, since these three guys donated practically their whole SFB collections to the club.

Our intent is two-fold.

New players who come to Council and show an interest in SFB go home with some free stuff, courtesy of the club and our donors.
Veteran players who are looking for a particular product to fill out their collection can trade for something in our inventory.

There hasn't been that much trading, but we've given away a bunch of stuff to new players over the past several years.


  • Brown Box - Beginner Rules Kit - Basic & Adv Rules - Used, Complete. No Map, Sorry!
  • Plastic Crate - Jumbo Variety Rules Kit - Basic & Adv Rules, C123, R12345, J, K, X1 - Lots of missing stuff.  But very playable
  • R2 -  - Fed, Kzinti, Orion, Andro - Mint, Unpunched
  • R3 -  - Klingon, Lyran, Hydran, WYN - Mint, Unpunched
  • R4 -  - Romulan, Gorn, Tholian, ISC - Mint, Unpunched
  • C1 - New Worlds I - Lyran, Hydran, WYN - Complete, Unpunched
  • C1 - New Worlds I - Lyran, Hydran, WYN - COUNTERS ONLY - All Present
  • C2 - New Worlds II - Andro, Neo-Tholian, ISC - Complete, Unpunched
  • C2 - New Worlds II - Andro, Neo-Tholian, ISC - Complete, Punched
  • C3 - New Worlds III - Seltorian, Andro, WYN, LDR - Complete, Unpunched
  • C3 - New Worlds III - Seltorian, Andro, WYN, LDR - Complete, Punched
  • J - Fighters -  - Complete, Punched
  • J - Fighters -  - Booklets complete, missing a LOT of counters
  • J2 - Advanced Fighters -  - Complete, Punched
  • K - Fast Patrol Ships -  - Complete, Punched
  • Y1 - Early Years -  - Unpunched, except missing ALL Hydran Counters
  • F1 - Jindarians -  - Missing some rules pages. SSD book complete. Counters unknown, but there are lots.
  • F2 - Vudar Enclave -  - Mint, Still in Shrink
  • X1 - X-Ships -  - Rules-complete, Missing some SSDs, Counters-Complete
  • D3 - Booms & Saucers -  - Missing 4 Tholian SSDs, otherwise complete
  • P5 - Lyran Democratic Republic -  - Booklet complete, No counters
  • O 1-4 - Omega Master Rule Book -  - Pages not checked. Complete?
  • A  - Battlecards! - Battle cards, Impulse Cards, Command Cards - Used. Probably complete
  • A+  - Captain's Yeoman -  - Mint. Unpunched
  • A+ - Captain's Yeoman - Impulse Cards, some photocopies from A+ - Used. Copies.
  • W - 2300 Minis Rules - Very Incomplete. No minis! Just a starting point. -
  • MO 3 - Captain's Starship Registry -  - Complete
  • Basic - Captain's Basic Rulebook (Yellow Cover) -  - Used. Complete
  • S1 - Scenario Book 1 -  - Missing cover. Mostly complete. Used.
  • S2 - Scenario Book 2 -  - Complete. Used.
  • Ammo - Ammo Counter Sheet - Many different races - Unpunched
  • Counters - Miscellaneous Counters - 30% of Basic set - Fed & Asteroids, Misc other counters -
  • 5911 - Star Fleet Battle Force - Card Game - New, cards still in shrink


If you would like to donate anything, please reply to this post and let us know.  If you would like to trade for something, please let us know.


Yes, thank you for asking!

It's kinda funny, but nobody has ever donated any MAPS, even the three guys who handed over their whole collection!  We would love to have a few maps to match with the basic rule sets we've put together for new players.

Also, there is a Captain's Basic Rulebook, but it would be great if we had an Advanced Missions Rulebook to go with it. 

If you have these to donate or trade, we are especially interested.

We're looking forward to another excellent weekend of SFB Patrol tournament action.  Watch the Council thread above for updates.

p.s.  FYI, it takes a long time to sort the counters for a dozen SFB modules.  I think I spent 15-20 hours on this over the past couple of weeks...

Items claimed and traded

I'm catching up with some little bookkeeping tasks.

At Council of Five Nations a few months ago (Sept 29 - Oct 1, 2017), the following items were claimed.

X1 - X-Ships - B.Villa traded a map for this.
MO3 - Captain's Starship Registry - P.Bakija traded a map for this.
5911 - Star Fleet Battle Force card game - F.Werenich claimed this.

We also discovered a new item in the treasure pile.

Small Freighter Deck Plans - This is an Official ADB item (stamped with Steve Cole's Professional Engineer insignia!)
This might be suitable for 4mm-6mm miniature figures, if you wanted to use it as a game map.

We also added one of the newly-acquired maps to the Beginner's Basic set, the first item listed.

Thank you.

Long Distance Trade?

I am interested in these deck plans. In trade, I can offer a lightly-used but complete copy of the Battle Force card game.
Unfortunately, the treasure pile is something like 2000 miles away from my residence. Can we trade over snail mail?