SFBOL World League 2017

Ok! World League 2017! Go!

So I'm running World League 2017 now!

World League is a team tournament, where 3 player teams play tournament games against other teams (the games are standard, one on one tournament duels, but your team gets points for advancing based on how the whole team does). Each player will play at least 3 games, more if your team advances.

We will make teams based on a team draft, once we have everyone signed up. IIRC, 24 players is the optimal number (so we can have two pools each of 4x3 player teams). So my hope is to get up to exactly 24 players. My current plan is to take sign ups in order till I hit exactly 24, and then close sign ups (if there is a 25th, they can be on standby to fill in if someone vanishes). If there is a flood of entries, I can make more teams into different pool setups.

The tournament and advancement rules can be found in the link at the top of the page on the ADB BBS that says "World League 2016" (which will probably change at some point to "World League 2017").

To play in World League, please follow these instructions:

A) SEND ME AN E-MAIL at pdb6 /at/ lightlink.com

B) PUT THE WORDS "World League" IN THE SUBJECT LINE. You can put other stuff in the subject line too, but make sure you include the words "World League". Do not use the words "WL" or "Wrld Lg" or whatever. Actually write "World League" in the subject line.

C) In that e-mail, give me the following information:
-Your actual name.
-Your SFBOL callsign (please be case specific)
-Your e-mail (if your preferred e-mail is different from the one the e-mail is from for whatever reason)

I'd like to start in two weeks from now (July 19th, give or take).

The plan is just to use the standard, sanctioned tournament ships, including whatever the current Andro is (3xTRL?). No Jindarian/Vudar/etc.

For more info, please see the World League thread on the ADB BBS

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SFBOL World Leauge

I'm signed up!

Figured since I renewed my SFBOL subscription for the Juggernaut Beta vs. Andro Dominator battle I may as well join the WL as well.

How about you guys? I've played in WL before and it was a lot of fun.

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I'm in too

I did great in the first round last year, going 3-0.
Then my luck changed, and I went 0-2 in the finals rounds.
But my teammates Ron Brimeyer and Mike Helbig won big, carrying us to victory.
Let's see how things go this year...

I'd join....

But I suck. When I did the World League a few years ago, my teammates kept winning, and I kept losing. I don't want to burden another team with my lack of skill :-\.

Don't let that stop

Don't let that stop you!!!

The way you improve is to play folks that have more experience than you. Almost without exception, SFB tournament players are really friendly people that are more than willing to help you out, chat after the game giving advice etc. Join the tournament and just have fun.

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He's right, ya know

World League is one of those "For Fun" Tournaments. It's not like an ace card or your standing inside the community is at stake. Besides, just look at the team names; How can you have a team called "Orion Bikini Team" or (last year's winners) "Bureaucratic Haulin' Glass" and not think those guys are just here to have fun with it?

Onto reminiscing, last year was was a fun one for me. Like DC, I went 3-0 in the first round But my teammates had to carry me in the semis and the finals (we lost to DC's team). I was playing the WAX, and found that I won after having anchored my opponent (something I rarely do in other tournaments.)

Yeah yeah

Alright, alright, sending an email. I'll sign up.


"And there was much rejoicing in the land" ;)

Win or lose it's all about having a good time.

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Rom vs. Zin

IKV Avenger TKR vs. Sleepy Cat TCC next Tuesday 8/15/17 8pm est. :)

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World League!

OoH! Could you post that in the official BBS too?



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Bakija vs DaveC

Bakija (Gorn) vs DaveC (Hydran)
... will happen the old-fashioned way, face-to-face, when Battlefleet SWA invades Ithaca in 12 days.
Saturday, August 26th
Come join us!


Rom vs. Zin

Got four turns played tonight. So far shield damage only for both of us. Zin has expended 6 SP drones and 12 rack drones so far. So he's down to half a rack. He WW off my S-EPT and F in Turn 4 so he's going to be limited to a max of 10 for T5. I've got an S and an F ready for T5. We're 10 hexes distance at the start.

Great game and we're both having a blast (pun intended).

Plan is to continue on Friday August 25th with an 8pm start time.

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Change time

August 26th and 12:30pm EST.

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