IKV Avenger's X-ships HR thread

Anyone that has followed me here on the OC knows that I love to tweak SFB here and there. Playtesting in our FTF groups has demonstrated, to us, that these modifications have been of benefit to the game. Anyone that hasn't seen my thread on these modifications and is interested:


So in that light, I'd like to offer some thoughts in regards to X-ships.

Fed CX:

Phasers - I would make each of the 12 phasers on the CX a Ph-V rather than a Ph-1. And allow them to rapid fire as a Ph-VI. The Ph-V is not that much more powerful than the Ph-1 but does have a slight increase. For example the maximum damage of the Ph-! is 9 points of damage, the maximum damage of the Ph-V is 10 points. The main difference is that the Ph-V is slightly better over the various range breaks. Same with the Ph-VI vs. the Ph-III. So it is better, but not like an OL phaser like in the old day X-ships.

Drones - Use the ASW system as per my GW era modifications with the exception that they use the same table as some of the X2 ADD tables.

Klingon DX:

Phasers - The three boom ph-I's and two of the wing ph-I's are Ph-V's. The rest are ph-1's. The V's can fire as VI's and the I's as III's in rapid fire.

ADD - Use the same chart as some of the X2 ADD's.

Klingon DX

Also some thoughts on the DX. Instead of simply adding two disruptors, for a total of 6 with no change to the system at all I'm leaning towards the old supplement #2 idea of keeping the standard 4 disruptors but having a double overload. Essentially the same overall damage output but makes more sense. Simply allow the disruptor to have 0, 2, 4 or 6 power for arming options and adjust the damage output accordingly.

Also, going back to the Fed CX; Tossing around the idea of eliminating the two drone racks in favor of two more phasers for a total of 14. 4xFH, 4xLS, 4xRS and 2x360.

Thoughts welcome on any of these ideas.

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Xships SSD's

I have reworked the SSD for both the Fed CX and the Klink DX.


Fed CX has two A2WR's. These are AWR but produce 2 points of power each (for a total of 42 warp, 4 impulse and 4 AWR = 50 power). The phasers are all type 5. 4xFH, 4xLS, 4xRS and 2x360 in the secondary hull. The two drone racks have been removed in favor of the two rear hull ph-5's. The admin shuttles are the Y180 upgrades with 8 hp each and the total is increased to 6 shuttles. The ship contains the ASIF (Advanced Structural Integrity Field) which is like an inner shield that helps shield against specific brackets on the DAC. The bridge has some scout functions which are listed on the SSD. The ship includes a similar VRF (Volley Reduction Factor like on Magellanic ships) but only on the main shield (no secondary shields like Mag ships).

Klingon DX has two A2PR (APR that produces 2 points each) for a total of 42 warp, 6 impulse and 2xA2PR = 52 power. Phasers are a mix of type 5 and type 1 (3xph-5 FX, 2xph-5 wing, 2xph-1 wing and 4xph-1 waist. This reflects the D7 that has a mix of ph-1 and ph-2's. I kept the 6 disruptors as this gives flexability after taking damage. The DX also has the ISIF but not with the same depth as a CX. Four shuttles of Y180 configuration. And the VRF for the shields.

If anyone would like to see the SSD's let me know.

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser