Arming photon torpedoes...

WS II and WS III allows for multi-turn weapons as having armed in the previous turn (standard levels). Further, the Fed's photon torpedo is given 2 free points of overload power per tube. IIRC, Peter gave an example of how this works but I can't find it. Can Peter, or anyone provide an example of the first turn arming of a Fed ship at WS II or III such as a tournament game?

If I understand correctly, the previous 'assumed' turn prior to the start of the game allows for a photon tube to be considered as armed to standard levels. So this would be 2 points per tube. The special photon rule allows for 2 free points of overload power per tube. So each tube can be assumed to have 4 points in it at the start of the game? So at the start of EA in T1, if the Fed wants to fully overload that tube, I'm assuming that 4 points of warp power need to be put into that tube for a total of 8 points now in the tube?

I 'think' that is correct but I'm unsure. If I'm wrong please let me know and explain the process to me.

Thank you.

Photons & Weapon Status

(S4.11) WEAPONS STATUS I: No energy to the heavy weapons has been spent yet.
(S4.12) WEAPONS STATUS II: Prior turns of arming are completed, but not the last turn of arming.
(S4.13) WEAPONS STATUS III: Multi-turn arming weapons may be assumed to be fully armed.
(S4.32) OVERLOAD: Photon torpedoes have two points of free overload energy per tube from prior turns when at WS-III. This energy may be allocated between the various photon tubes at the option of the owning player.

Photons take 2 warp energy for two turns to arm. Overload energy can be added up to 4 additional warp energy. The hold cost scales, based on the overload energy. 1 power for standard loads, and 2 power for full overloads.

Let's use a Fed CA as our example, who has four Photon tubes.

So, at WS-I, the first turn EA puts 2 warp into each tube for it's first turn of arming. This costs 8 warp energy.
At WS-II, the first turn EA puts 2 warp into each tube for it's second turn of arming. This costs 8 warp energy.
At WS-III, each tube is effectively treated like the tube was held "last turn" and 2 power per tube was applied towards overloads. The owning player could have each tube be half-overloaded, or half of them fully overloaded, or even have them all standard-loaded (if, for example, they wanted to use prox loads on the first turn).

The cost to hold a half-overload is 1.5 power per tube (the CA would spend 6 power to hold it's tubes). The cost to hold a pair of full-overloads and a pair of standard loads is also 6 (2+2+1+1). If the owning player wanted to upgrade their four half-overloads into four full-overloads per (E4.411), it would cost and additional 2 warp power per tube (total of 8 power to overload, and 6 to hold, for 14 total power.) If the player had two std loads and a pair of overloads, and wanted to upgrade the std loads to full overloads, it would cost 8 warp power to upgrade their two standard loads (plus the 6 hold power, is 14 power.)

Thank you

Great explanation, thanks Matt :)

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2+2+1 to hold work for

2+2+1 to hold work for proximity fuses also.

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