Tactics: Wild Weasels

Know the Impulse Activity sequence of play. Knowing the sequence of events that can happen in a single impulse are of prime consideration during play. As an example, make sure you know how long your ship will be protected, or if you're going against a ship under WW, know when you can attack it.

When a WW is destroyed, it still protects the ship for the next four impulses. However, it isn't that cut-n-dry. For example:

* Ship launches WW on I5 of the turn.
* WW is destroyed on I6 of the same turn.
* WW protects the launching ship for remainder of impulse 6 as well as 7,8 and 9.
* WW protects the launching ship up to the "Resolve Seeking Weapon Damage" phase of I10 and then stops.

This means that a seeking weapon CAN be launched in I10 because the "Launch Seeking Weapons Stage" comes after the "Resolve Seeking Weapon Damage" stage in the impulse.

This way one doesn't mistakenly think that it's four FULL impulses after the WW is destroyed. So a launch could be done in I10 rather than having to wait until I11.

More Weasel stuff

As an adjunct to the above timing of seeking weapon launches, if the weasel is destroyed by weapons fire, the owning ship is still under the effects of the weasel during the weapons fire step of the fourth impulse. This means that fire control would not normally come up until the impulse after the post-explosion period. It also means that the protected ship cannot fire their weapons without incurring the Passive Fire Control penalty and without voiding the weasel for the purposes of the other guy's weapon's fire. This alone is a good reason to shoot up a weasel that would normally die to seekers in an impulse or two: it puts the protected ship a little bit off of it's game.

Keep in mind that the Tractor step comes before shuttle launches. So if you are being overrun, launch the weasel an impulse early.

Just because you are under weasel, doesn't mean you are helpless. You can still fire weapons with a double-range penalty. Just make sure you circle around and pick up the voided weasel. This can be combined with a second weasel, in that you fire on one impulse, then launch the second weasel on the next impulse. Just remember that you can be anchored in the interim.

The "Dipsy Doodle" seeking weapon technique is very effective against weasels. When next to an opponent, launch the seeking weapon so that it has the target in it's oblique (e.g. not facing towards the target). The seeking weapon will then circle the target (since it's not required to HET) until the weasel moves into the seeker's path. This is useful as a timing device, since it keeps the target under the effects of the weasel for a longer period of time. If they void the weasel, the seekers HET and impact before another shuttle could be launched. If the target does not void the weasel, you can get closer, flee, drop mines, launch a bunch of shuttles (flying phaser-3s), launch some Suicide Shuttles with speeds set to impact after the weasel is destroyed, or whatever you heart desires when the opponent gives up the initiative to you.

Weasels cannot perform unplotted speed changes or maneuver freely (there is no pilot to make these decisions.) But you can *plot* these things. Interesting things can be done with setting your weasel's movement to a speed that allows it to move out of the hex immediately, and then speed up to 6 soonest. Also it can be beneficial to have the weasel turn or slip every X hexes - such as to have it circle around for easy pickup after being voided. Remember that voided weasels still move under their move plot - they don't stop moving because they are voided (unlike Scatterpacks.)