Tactics: Plasmatic Pulsar Device

This also covers the Plasmatic Pulsar Carbine if you use it.

Time your attack so that you fire the PPD at the end of a turn, preferably I31 or I32. Since the PPD is a multi-impulse firing weapon it will continue to fire into the next turn. Per the rules, you can begin rearming the PPD WHILE it is firing. This will enable you to fire the weapon at the beginning of the turn after it has fired despite being a two-turn arming weapon.

As an example:

Turn 1: PPD is fired on impulse #32.
Turn 2: PPD continues to fire on impulses 1,2,3 (4 and/or 5 if overloaded). You can begin arming the PPD in T2 EA. So T2 is the first turn of arming.
Turn 3: PPD arming is finished in EA. It can then be fired immediately even though it finished fire early in the previous turn.

This allows the weapon to be fired within 29 impulses of the previous firing, one back to back turns even though it is a two-turn arming weapon.