you guys are famous!

I picked up a lot of back issues of "Captain's Log" and have been steadily (if slowly) making my way through them - and I'm seeing a lot familiar names in there (from here).

Term papers, tournament reports, rules questions . . . and even some beratings for your game suggestions.

I've still got about 10 issues to go before I'm current, but a big round of applause for you guys! Pretty neat.

post script

I think I'll write in and suggest a new race that evolved from the union of a Paravian and a Carnivon: the BirdDogs

(complete with tech-sloshings)

They'll go for that . . .

The Scaled Cats?

Plasma and ESGs. How cool is that!


I think TPTB are a little dubious when it comes to proposals. For example, years ago someone proposed a Klingon D7 variant that fired (in addition to disruptors) a single photon out the front boom and one out the back like TNG Klingon ships fire. That was actually done with an official SSD in one of the early CL for a story. It was suppose to be the 'one and only'. And they pointed that out in not too nice of a manner (along the lines of 'your an idiot to even dare suggest it'). I entered the conversation saying that actually a variant that fired a plasma F out the boom and rear was more 'realistic' from a historical perspective since the Klinks and Roms were allies and the Klinks had given them tech. And exchange of tech seemed, to me, feasible enough and that the plasma F was reasonable but nothing heavier due to stress on the ship yada yada. TPTB went on a tangent about tech-sloshing and 'they don't do that'. Later I find myself in a CL with a not to kind remark on my 'proposal'. It really wasn't a proposal just a remark as to why plasma made more sense than photons historically. I suppose they needed to fill the page with something and dug up my remarks and labeled it a proposal.

I also commented that yeah, TPTB do tech-slosh to the point of being unimaginative (which I believe is the comment they made about me). Let's see, at least five races use disruptors instead of creating a unique weapon (which Omega and newer races seemed to do with little problem). About as many use plasma. At least four or more use drones. Lots of missed opportunities.

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser

using my one negative comment allowance here

IKVA: "Later I find myself in a CL with a not to kind remark on my 'proposal'."

I saw that. Just rolled my eyes and moved on to the next article.

And I could also do without the "it's a great honor, a big thrill for our players to see their name in a CL . . ."


I'd rather see my name in the Wall Street Journal (as long as it's not about securities fraud).

Don't care to win a Hat or a Trophy or a Ribbon or a Medal, but I got my name in an article on about 15 years ago and also won a cane for entering an investment contest there. And I use that cane, so at least I won something practical.

ps - Galaxy of Song needs to go and never come back
pps - I'll go back to behaving myself now
ppps - I hope everyone is well!

I have CL 1-47 and 49.

I have CL 1-47 and 49. That's where I stopped. If/when I find 48 and 50+ at a good price I might pick them up but I'd never pay full price for them. All of my collection was other sites and sometimes I paid as little a a few dollars for an issue. I enjoy them and occasionally reread the stories or tactical pages and such.

I'm still looking for X1R but I won't pay the insane prices I've seen asked for it.

If X2 ever comes out I'll likely pass it up until/if I find it somewhere at a bargain. For all intents and purposes, X2 has been out for decades with Don's material and Vorgon Agent's material.

If I were to find the cloud module on sale somewhere I might pick it up.

But all of them would have to be at a good price. As it is, we've enough material on hand now to play for decades without ever buying a new module or CL.

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser

J'ai une âme solitaire

just finished CL46

good fiction - enjoyed it - gonna recommend it to my opponent

also reminded for the umpteenth time that if i hold 10 recruiting sessions at 3 different venues and ask retailers to stock these fine products i can earn a *coveted* ribbon

and if that were too good to be true, i can also earn another *coveted* ribbon by scouring the internet looking for those elusive Orions and reporting them for copyright infringement

need those ribbons, gotta have 'em, gonna frame 'em


but the fiction was good . . . yer kilokams may vary


As it's been said before "It's amazing the lengths a man will go to, for a bit of cloth on their breast." Although I think it's more for the public recognition of self.

I contributed to CL49, and so managed to net a free one. That was the first CL I've received since the Interregnum. I enjoyed the "fiction" for it. That's the one where the "Carney Effect" goes into full speed, and you get a pretty complete view of the Andromedan war. I'd encourage anyone to pick up a copy.