Talon - A mix of SFB and Battleground: Fantasy Warfare

I had the chance to try the game Talon at last Saturday's SWA Game-a-thon.

It has an interesting mix of SFB and Battleground: Fantasy Warfare concepts. The counters are large; 2" hexes. They have a coating so you can write on them with dry-erase markers. As your ship takes damage, you mark-off boxes right on the counter. There is even a super-abbreviated energy allocation phase, and you write your speed and "available power" right on the counter too.

My very quick review:
Not bad. Plays pretty fast once you get a hang of the rules. Not SFB, but you can see the strong influences. If I posted this over on the ADB BBS, I suspect Cole would delete it. A little simple for me - I actually wish there were more options (and thus more rules). Quirky rule: Friendly ships cannot stack, not even fighters, but you can be in the same hex as an enemy ship. But, no weapons in the basic set could fire at range 0. While I see the game reason for this, it feels wrong. I'm not going to run out and buy it, but I will probably play again sometime.

Info Links:

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nice review

It looks interesting. In SFB's defense, a telling comment (near the bottom of the page) was, "Talon is even more of a fleet game, as it says on the box. You are playing rear admiral sector chief K'aadzurr. In contrast, SFB is a captain's game in which you are essentially playing Kirk. It is the only naval game I can think of that creates satisfying one-on-one duels."

I could see an (unofficial) port of the SFB universe to this, and be pretty happy with larger ( >3 ship) combats. Not to say that FedCom (ADBs game to fill the same niche) is a bad product; I just haven't played it or Talon.