Kolighr Antimater Cannon

Who's played the Kolighr? What's your opinion on the AC? Do you prefer the standard AC or the caseless? Why?

Kohligar AC

(I don't know what the actual spelling of Kohligar is; there is an "H" in there somewhere...)

So the AC isn't a horrible weapon. It is mostly a photon that does 12 damage for a little less power (I think it is 3 for a standard and 6 for an OL?). It hits about the same (1-4 out to R4) but the OL can't fire past R7. It fires a little more often, being once in 32 impulses rather than once every 2 turns, but in a practical sense, once in 32 impulses isn't significantly better than once in two turns. But when you factor in the potential to use the "caseless" rounds to fire more often, but as the caseless rounds are strictly inferior to the regular ones, the caseless rounds are really only good if you need to speed up your firing ability--like, in a knife fight where you might be able to start a turn facing a down shield, the caseless AC can be awesome. But as a general weapon, arm the AC normally and then use the caseless if you need to.

The Kohligar CA is well armed and has good defense against drones and whatever due to the ACG. But it has (much like a lot of Omega ships) split torp arcs, and the micro phasers actually kind of suck (compare them to the radiation phasers that do about the same damage in most ranges, but can't ever miss...); hitting for 4 damage on a 1-4 at R4 (when the AC gets a leg up on hitting) is pretty lame compared to, well, pretty much any other P1 out there. It is a problem. At R0-1, the MP1 is pretty solid and kind of scary. But at R4+, it is not good, which greatly compromises the Kohligar's ability to be particularly successful.

My most recent experience with the Kohligar and AC was that due to the power costs of the AC and the 32 impulse delay, the Kohligar generally only fired the ACs every other turn anyway; it would get a shot, and then run and reload, and find that it couldn't run while rearming the ACs, so it would leave them empty while it ran, and then on the next turn, try to look for a firing opportunity by stopping and TACing or something so it could load the torps again.