Frax Missile Tubes

Concerning the Frax Missile Racks (FD52.0) from ModC4; has any one discussed the possibility of loading Type-H drones (FD21.0) instead of Type-IV drones in these racks? Granted, they are larger and more powerful drones (being 3-space drones, rather than 2-space drones), but the operational characteristics (the ship is unable to reload it's missile racks and type-H drones are too large for the crew to handle - probably because of size-of-drone vs size-of-passageways) seem to work very well in conjunction. Perhaps there would be a BPV bump for ships using type-H vs type-IV? What would such a BPV bump be?

There is a mention in the Frax's Section-R area (R51.1C) that discusses swapping plasmas into the disruptor mounts. Do you think the proposed swap (plasma-S up front and plasma-F in the rear mounts) would even-out BPV-wise? Should the drones and missiles be kept, in that case?

I ask about the latter, because the option intrigues me. I'm considering the possibility of building a plasma-variant of the Frax for campaign play.

The former idea just seems like an obvious thing, perhaps it was never done because (maybe?) the type-H drones were published after the Frax were.

Probably no reason not to

Probably no reason not to have the type-H be an option. Perhaps a small BPV increase, maybe 1 each or so?

In regards to plasma, I suppose it could be done and be comparable. I think these ships would be better served with DF weapons though. Perhaps look into either Omega or the Triangulum Galaxy for DF weapons that would work well with the Frax. Perhaps even Companion Games, they had a lot of very interesting DF weapons (and interesting seeking weapons as well).

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