Tactics: Death Bolt

Peter and I had a long discussion a while back on the arming/firing process of the DB. Most assumed that it was slower than normal drones when in actuality they have an occasional faster firing rate.

* It takes one deck crew one turn to prepare and fire an unmodified DB. So an unmodified DB could be fired every 32 impulses (actually 40 impulses as it has an 8 impulse delay after firing before the next can be prepared).

* Two deck crews can work on a single, unmodified DB. This cuts the time in half so that the DB could be fired in 16 impulses.

So a firing schedule could look like this:

Turn N, Impulse 1: Launch a death bolt.

Turn N, Impulse 9: Start rearming death bolt with 2 deck crews (there is an 8-impulse delay before deck crews can start the rearming process.

Turn N, Impulse 25: Finish rearming death bolt.

(Turn N, Impulse 26: Launch 2nd death bolt.

Turn N+1, Impulse 2: Start rearming 3rd death bolt with 2 deck crews.

Turn N+1, Impulse 18: Finish rearming death bolt.

An extended look at launch rates

T1, I1: launch a death bolt.
T1, I9: start rearming.
T1: I25: finish rearming
T1: I26: launch a death bolt.

T2, I2: start rearming.
T2, I18: finish rearming.
T2, I19: launch death bolt.
T2, I27: start rearming.

T3, I11: finish rearming.
T3, I12: launch death bolt.
T3, I20: start rearming

T4, I4: launch death bolt
T4, I12: start rearming
T4, I28: finish rearming
T4, I29: launch a death bolt

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Wow! That's a weapon that

Wow! That's a weapon that fits my style. Fast firing, decent damage. The Carnies sound really fun. And the Heel Nipper would allow me to catch my dad when he tries to speed up to gain distance.

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Actually it does very good

Actually it does very good damage (if it hits of course). An unmodified DB does 30 points of damage and takes 10 points of damage to destroy. The standard speeds are 12, 20 or 32 depending on the year of service. What makes them even more interesting is that they can be modified by adding anti-tractor, focused burst, or armor. The warhead is reduced but it makes it harder to deal with and/or can surprise your enemy when it causes damage from a longer range (focused burst).

What can make them even more dangerous is using the Heel Nipper to cause the enemy to lose a hex of movement and turn it's facing to coincide with a wave of DB's coming striking. In a way it's a form of anchor or as I like to call it, the Carnivon bitch slap (since they are a 'dog' race).

Top it off with Disruptor Cannons that hit better than photons and to more damage than disruptors.

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser


Bringing this back up for reference as I may be taking the Carns in an upcoming tournament.

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser