Sabot for other weapons?

We've discussed plasma sabots here before. Devastating on closed map helpful on open map. With that said, what about other plasma-like seeking weapons like Quantum Wave Torpedoes? Has anyone discussed the need for QWT's to be able to sabot as well?

Omega has seeking weapons as well like the Implosion Torpedo. A sabot feature for this probably wouldn't be needed due to overall lower speeds in Omega? If used against Alpha ships (converting them over) it may become necessary though.

Sabot QWTs

There's been a little discussion about Sabot-like QWTs. I've been mostly hearing silence from TPTB on the issue.

I think the consensus among the players is that the ModuleC6 Parvians *would* have a sabot refit at about the time that the Gorns get it. Though from what I am hearing, it's from much the same players that think that the Paravians get out of the fixed-launcher and into a "full" FA launcher when they get to the middle years.

I can't point to anyone in particular that supports these things (except Dave, above). However, I have noticed some questions about this subject on the other BBS.

Personally, I like [both] ideas. The 120-swivel arcs seem to me to be an upgrade without a BPV cost. The Sabot QWTs would probably come at the same costs as plasma sabots, in terms of BPV and energy. Call it the equivilent of a Plasma-F for sabot purposes.

I have no issue with the

I have no issue with the early/middle years Paravians having a fixed launcher. The GW and beyond definitely need the 6/1/2 FA arc launcher. I don't recall the designers name off hand (I'd have to look at C6 again) but he did state (on the BBS) that the Paravian's launcher is suppose to be 6/1/2 and that's the way it was playtested. That's how we play it and limiting it to the #1 only in a GW era ship or beyond is hamstringing the ship too much. I don't think any BPV adjustment is necessary to have it 6/1/2 since that's the way it was designed.

For a sabot type feature I could see a BPV increase comparable to plasma sabot. IIRC it's one per launcher.

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Sabot Costs

I was reaching for the Plasma-F sabot costs, because anything larger seemed unreasonable when applied to the QWT. I find that the QWT is almost like a plasma-F and almost like a plasma-D. So went with the higher result because of it's designation as a heavy weapon (which the Plasma-Ds are *not*).

Thus QWTs would have a BPV cost of +2 per launcher and cost 1 extra energy to go sabot.

Sabbot QWT

I imagine that Sabbot QWTs would be totally reasonable in regular, late war era games, in the same way that Sabbot Plasma is totally reasonable in regular, late war era games (i.e. they cost some BPV, they cost more energy to arm, whatever).

That being said, I couldn't possibly advocate for Sabbot anything (QWT or plasma) for a tournament environment (which I don't think is actually happening here, but I still figure I'll mention it)--Sabbot torps on a closed map are absolute murder. We had a DW squadron tournament on SFBOL a few years back, and I had (based on what the guy running the tournament set up as options) a squadron of 3x Gorn BDDs with Sabbot torps. I demolished everyone. As it turns out that, well, Sabbot torps on a closed map are incredibly effective...

Maybe not

Looking at the QWT again now that I've played the race a few times. Although having a sabot upgrade for the QWT is enticing, it is perhaps not needed. Sabot on plasma is reasonable given that it is a 3-turn arming weapon. The QWT on the other hand is a one/every turn arming weapon. That is a significant tactical difference. On top of that, QWT are damaged like plasma...but not to the extent that plasma is damaged. Plasma is damaged on a 2:1 basis. Pretty straight forward. QWT on the other hand is 3:1 and the splash is damaged BEFORE the main element AND it has to be full damage to knock both the splash and the main element out. Partial damage doesn't effect the warhead or splash damage potential.

A sabot QWT may be OP, at least on GWE ships. X ships on the other hand may need a sabot to compete.

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