Seltorian Shield Cracker - Overload?

Soliciting discussion on the ability of the Shield Cracker to have an OL function. The Seltorian PC, even when using my proposed combined shot and lessened impulse delay is still not a powerhouse crunch weapon, particularly with it's lousy range breaks. A combined shot (assuming a 4xPC cruiser) 'could' potentially do 48 points of damage but it would have to be just about at point blank range and hit with all four. And it costs a lot of power. So it isn't something that is going to happen often anyway.

So tossing around a proposed modification to the Shield Cracker. Right now it costs 2 points to yield 4 damage to shields-only (no damage to the ship ever). Perhaps allow an OL feature of 3 points to yield 6 damage or even 4 points to yield 8 damage. Again, expensive and not at all feasible for frequent use as other system on the Selt can be power hungry. But it would be a feature that exists if/when it can be used. Still doesn't damage the ship, but may help with an Alpha strike for other weapons, some of which may not hit due to range breaks.


Web Breaker?

It's obviously a straight upgrade.

It raises a few questions:

1) Can you hold it if you put more points into the weapon? RAW, it holds for free for up to 5 turns. I'd suggest that anything above the usual 2 is lost at the end of the turn.

2) What about webs? Multiplying by 1.5 (for 3 power) or 2 (for 4) is a serious upgrade, as you've effectively doubled the number of WBs on a ship. Tholians will complain, and rightly so. It's a rather messy table so it would be hard to multiply by 1.5. I'd suggest +4 or+8 effect (which is about x1.5 or x2 at r6, less at short range). 0 stays at 0.

3) Range? If it's the standard 8, that's not far off the weapon's maximum of 10 so there's precious little reason not to OL. Unless...

4) Cooldown or some other disadvantage. If you can't arm or fire it on the turn after an OL shot, it's less likely to be abused.

However, I can't help thinking that adding more pure DF to a pure DF ship is perhaps not the most exciting way to go. Though I can't immediately think of anything appropriate.

I completely didn't think

I completely didn't think about the Tholians and the WB. Full disclosure, I don't thing we've hardly used them in years. They just don't excite anyone in the FTF group.

You're comment on adding DF power to a pure DF ship was interesting and got me thinking. Perhaps allowing the SC to have an effect on seeking weapons? They do 4 'damage' so perhaps even though it doesn't affect an actual ship it would damage very small objects such as drones. And perhaps even affect plasma as well? Just tossing that out for discussion. It would give the Selt a bit of seeking weapon defense albeit an expensive one. But seeking weapon defense is something that would be useful to them.

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I'm confused

as to why you're trying to add crunch to what is obviously built to be a saber-dance weapon.

To provide options. It can

To provide options. It can be a saber duel ship as it has a 1-3 to-hit in the 9-15 bracket. Crunch power however is a dubious proposition until about R2 so at least giving an option of something like a combined shot to the PC or looking at the SC make it more interesting and adds another dynamic. Due to the range breaks and the power consumption it isn't something that makes it OP or even likely as a full salvo all the time. But it does provide options that many have felt it lacks overall (judging from conversation here and the BBS).

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser

Sabre-dance weapon

True that it's a sabre-dance weapon, but it's not on a sabre-dance ship. Compared to a Klingon, it has a much worse turn mode and no seeking weapons to keep the enemy busy. So the package doesn't really go together.

Of course from a historical perspective the Seltorians had no real interest in sabre-dancing: they'd spend 99% of their time beating up freighters and small pirates which don't take any great tactics. And when they rebelled, the main target was a web that wasn't going anywhere.