WYN CA/CC optional mounts

When talking about the WYN (either regular SFB or tournament cruiser), what do you usually use in the optional mounts (Ph-1 [or 2 or 3 in regular SFB], ADD or type-B drone rack)? Or do you mix/match? And what is your reasoning/tactics for taking that option in your mounts?

Option Mount Popularity

At one point I ran through what was being used in the Netkill trournament and posted it to the BBS. They haven't deleted it yet.

That might give you a starting place.

Thanks for the link. That is

Thanks for the link. That is quite interesting actually particularly in the case(s) of the shark having at least one ADD. That would go well in several match ups. I'll need to ponder this a bit :)

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Update on the Option Mounts

It's been a year since I published the option mounts breakdown. Time for an update!

In summary:

Orion: The Phaser Boat (11g11) is (by far) the most popular package, and probably the most dangerous (with a win-rate of 59%). Follow-ups include the Dancing Orion (HHgB1) with a win-rate of 100% but rarely played, and the Photon Beast (PPP1f) at a 50% win-rate.

WAX: The Huggy Bear (HHBB) could be the most popular, but I am probably responsible for more than half of those entries. The Long Island Iced Tea (HgBD) has four flavors and has a combined win-rate of 58%. Follow-ups include the Phaser Pig (11g1) variants at a win-rate of 47% and the Sniper Pig (P_DD) at 57%.

WBS: The Missile Shark (BB) is by far the most popular and may be the most dangerous package (at 52%). It has been noted that the packages that include an ADD are a blast to fly and have the highest win-rate of any ship (at 75%), but these numbers are probably because the opponent's ship was known beforehand (by examination of a player's past records.)

Your link isn't loading for

Your link isn't loading for me.

The Orion phaser boat is interesting and reminds me of why I like the Borak.

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser

Link Fixed

Sorry! It was linking to my local, pre-uploaded version. Now it's linked to the real deal.