Shields for shuttles

I just watched TOS The Immunity Syndrome. One of the things that I noted was that the shuttle craft Spock was using had shields. Now of course shuttles don't have shields in SFB, with the exception of the Hiver's fighter in Omega. But I thought it may be interesting to bring this up as a new idea/modification.

Keeping game balance of course, is it feasible to explore shuttles, and in turn fighters having some sort of shield? And if so, what would be a good way to go about it?

Tossing this out as a conversation-starter...

Perhaps a shuttle (6 damage) could have a 1-point shield. Shuttles that are larger/heavier/more powerful i.e. fighters of 7+ damage could have a 2-point shield.


Shields for shuttles

Of course shuts have shields. They have a 4 point shield and then they are crippled, and a 1 point shield after that and then 1 more point and they blow up.

minor units are minor units

True, shuttles and fighters

True, shuttles and fighters probably have more hit points than they need I suppose. Probably figure the shields are incorporated into the hit points.

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