Seltorian Particle Cannon - Combined shot

Here are the HR modifications we've implemented for the Seltorian PC:

"Impulse delay reduced to 8-impulses. 1 refit point.

No-hold caps. 1 refit point.

Combined-fire shot. Requires full capacitor + 1 point of battery power applied at the moment of firing. R8 maximum range. 32-impulse cool down period. 1 refit point."

The impulse reduction and the no-hold caps has been discussed here and on the BBS before. The modification was generally looked upon favorably. Don't recall getting much/any discussion on the combined shot proposal (not the be confused with an official proposal, but rather as a HR modification).

The combined shot would be the sum of one OL and one standard shot, at the specific range (less than 8). It would require 50% more power than the individual OL + standard shot (3+1) fired separately for a total of a full 5 point cap + 1 battery at the point of firing. I'm thinking that this sufficiently limits the weapon overall in that it isn't something that will be likely used all game due to power limits. Perhaps that initial alpha strike (either 9 or 12 points of damage which is fairly comparable to an OL disruptor but at a higher cost in power and restrictions). And maybe again in the game but likely not a full salvo, but rather individual shots as the power permits if advantageous to the situations.

Thoughts welcome. We haven't yet had the opportunity to play this particular HR (the others work fine and are a positive, yet not OP, addition to the weapon. The CS is something I'd like to playtest in our next game perhaps.