Game reports

Site has been pretty quiet for a while. Who's played a game recently and what happened?

Still been pretty quite.

Still been pretty quite. Anyone play a game recently? I have vacation coming up so I plan on getting some games in soon.

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser

marathon battle

just finished turn 14 (ugh!) of our LYR + ROM vs KZT + GRN destroyer battle last night

my LYR has 1 disruptor left for weapon(s) - no ESG, no phasers, no shields to speak of, minimal power (translated: burnt toast)

his KZT ain't much better off . . . but still holding a few drones and a few weapons and some power (best part of last night: he is subject to shock and gambled and lost - anything but a 6 and he wouldn't go over-limit . . . rolled a 6 and then proceeded to breakdown also, but at least he didn't tumble)

my ROM is in a little better shape and currently cloaked between his two ships about R2 (under-run!), with both Plas-F coming on line next turn . . . he's been trying the ECCM yo-yo to lock on and just keeps missing by a smidgen . . . i may just have to go for mutual destruction next turn

his GRN is probably in the best shape of all but only has one Plas-F coming on line next turn (although that sonofagun still has a weasel in the womb and my pseudoes are long gone)

i don't think everybody's going home and whoever does is gonna be in drydock for a spell

good battle . . . at one point my ROM was dragging a bunch of his drones around for 2+ turns until my LYR looped around with a range 0 ESG to clean house and a couple of shuttle Phas3 shots from R3 did the rest - phew!