Game reports

Site has been pretty quiet for a while. Who's played a game recently and what happened?

Still been pretty quite.

Still been pretty quite. Anyone play a game recently? I have vacation coming up so I plan on getting some games in soon.

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marathon battle

just finished turn 14 (ugh!) of our LYR + ROM vs KZT + GRN destroyer battle last night

my LYR has 1 disruptor left for weapon(s) - no ESG, no phasers, no shields to speak of, minimal power (translated: burnt toast)

his KZT ain't much better off . . . but still holding a few drones and a few weapons and some power (best part of last night: he is subject to shock and gambled and lost - anything but a 6 and he wouldn't go over-limit . . . rolled a 6 and then proceeded to breakdown also, but at least he didn't tumble)

my ROM is in a little better shape and currently cloaked between his two ships about R2 (under-run!), with both Plas-F coming on line next turn . . . he's been trying the ECCM yo-yo to lock on and just keeps missing by a smidgen . . . i may just have to go for mutual destruction next turn

his GRN is probably in the best shape of all but only has one Plas-F coming on line next turn (although that sonofagun still has a weasel in the womb and my pseudoes are long gone)

i don't think everybody's going home and whoever does is gonna be in drydock for a spell

good battle . . . at one point my ROM was dragging a bunch of his drones around for 2+ turns until my LYR looped around with a range 0 ESG to clean house and a couple of shuttle Phas3 shots from R3 did the rest - phew!

Teaching game

Last Saturday saw the 'Battle Group Tampa' get together for the first time in 2017. We had two new players join four of the long time members for a FF battle. My son was the Frigate squadron commander in his Kzinti FF with Klingon F5 and Borak FF on his wings.

I took the squadron commander on the other side using the Carnivon DD (which has the same BV as most other FF's). On my flanks were a Fed FF and Peladine FF. So we got a chance to use a couple of new empire's ships. The newbies were in the Klink F5 and Peladine FF.

Game went well (for my side) and we got a chance to teach/use many of the rules for seeking weapons since we were using drones, plasma and death bolts. Also, the Borak had a couple of HK fighters so that saw some game play. Several different types of HW were in use so they got to see that as well.

The Fed and Kzinti got trashed. The game ended when I tractored the Klink and my Peladin wingman tractored the Borak with SP drones bearing down on each.

One newbie is iffy for another game but the second is ready and willing to play some more SFB! So all-in-all a very good/fun day.

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser

Played yesterday!

First game in.... 6 years? Mark and I set up a game, Gorn CL vs ISC Destroyer of some sort. Ended up getting both our ships shot basically to pieces. We're trying to get it on the table at the local game store to draw interest, and start building up a community. The group who used to play here seems to have disappeared.

Plan is to play again fairly soon, with a more substantial mix of ships.