SOP: Shimmeran DN

Sounds like the Paravians would not fair well against my Shimmerans since they run in fast, shoot, and run away, the Warp Disruption cannons would tears them up.

Link to Shimmeran DN:

For those the are up on my Shimmerans, they don't use normal movement, but instead make Einstein-Rosen bridges (aka wormholes) to travel. They can also reverse the process and create a gravity wave instead of moving. This make a pretty good area-effect weapon. Rules (so far):

The other heavy, the Warp Disruption cannon makes a target drop out and back into warp very fast, causing damage equal to the speed of the target. So don't charge in.

So ready to hear opinions.

Sorry that was horrid.

I didn't realize the DN SSD link looked so bad online. I used the Excel workbook version to show how I used all the tabs to figure the BPV and crew units.

Well here is the update SSD. It looks better, but still not as good as the printed Excel doc.

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I did get the Dalian Sway ships published in the Genesis Galaxies project. No one liked them there. I up'd the damaged the main weapons do after a couple people played tested them. However, I don't anyone gave them another thought to try them again. They ended up being put in the Primalis Galaxy. The only ship they have is the CA.


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