We're about to start a new campaign where two of us are playing Paravian (third player is Hydran) and I was wondering if anyone had played them enough to come up with viable squadron-level tactics for them.


In single-ship duels, I've found that the long-range of the QWT makes them want to fight with a saber-dance. Always keep a high speed, move into range 14 or 15, launch the torps, turn out. Rinse. Repeat. When the opponent runs out of shields, go in for the kill with their excellent PH-1 arrays. On a floating map, they aught to win just about every time. On a closed map, they tend to eventually get cornered, and the Paravian wins if he's degraded enough of the opponent's shields.

On a squadron level, I would think they want to act more like Gorns. the tactics don't really change, but the reasoning does. Instead of avoiding the good ranges of their opponents, they want to avoid taking significant massed-fire.

had my first battle...

...this past weekend. Not really an exercise in tactics, since it was my Paravian CLa, CWL, and CAa vs a single Hydran LN.
In a couple turns when he gets St-2s this could be nasty but we're starting in Y168 so right now his fighters are useless and so are his rear-firing ph-Gs. It helps that he didn't maneuver well to even try to whittle down my QWTs, just took them on the chin.
So I have a new casual carrier that, by the time I get it BotA-refitted, will be carrying ThunderRavens.

second battle

Began my second battle this past weekend, vs the Paravian marauders on my other border. His DN, CC, 2xDW vs my CWL, DW, and the 12 TQ fighters he didn't see on the strategic map because they were sent forward from my AxCVL behind the lines.
Those old fighters may be slow, but 12 QWTs at range 8-14 still hurt a lot, especially when he attempts a fleet HET to dodge them and his DN and CC both break down, the DN sent tumbling at speed 28 through an asteroid field. :D

>>the DN sent tumbling at

>>the DN sent tumbling at speed 28 through an asteroid field.<<

That's gonna leave a mark! Sounds like the definition of a bad day ;)

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser

It's worse

Because he was forced to move in a straight line at a predictable speed, I was able to nail him with 7 overloads at minimal range, downing one shield and getting a couple bonus internals from splash damage triggering our campaign leaky shields rule.
Then I totally lucked out and his down shield tumbled into view just as I got to range 1. Phaser barrage left him a spinning hulk.
He has two more asteroid hexes to get through before he comes to a stop; I really hope he doesn't hit them with his down shield, because capturing that baby would be quite a feather in my cap, especially in turn 1 of a 20-turn campaign so I can get plenty of use out of it.

Tournament Paravian

I'm responsible for the Paravian (and Carnivon) playtest ships in SFBOL at the moment. For those who are curious, I've got a first-cut tactics rundown on my website, plus a 2nd Gen style SSD for the TCC (SFBOL, by edict from Mr Grumpy, uses the horrible 3rd Gen format.)

Very nice!

Very nice!

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser


Thank you, Joe.

I've found that the artwork Mr Grumpy is providing for the 3G SSD project isn't that bad. (I think it's the same artwork you find in the various R sections.) When sticking it behind a 2G SSD, it usually isn't very cluttered. I wonder what Peter thinks of this SSD? Still on his lawn?