SOP: Triangulum Galaxy Ships

Does anyone have the play test module for the Triangulum Galaxy? I do and it has a plethora of new empires, SSD's and weapon systems (such as the RAM torpedo, pulse emitters etc). I don't know if any additional work is being done on this module to make it an actual product? But it would be a great fit into a fan-based Sigma Sector.

Thought if you have the module...

I still may

I may still have it, but I forgot where I put it. I think it's still for sale from ADB, if you can stomach forking over the cash for it.

It's available for digital

It's available for digital download on E23:

Only $7.50 and worth it for the interesting new histories, systems and SSD's. Set of course in the Triangulum Galaxy, wherever that is, but could easily fit into the Sigma Sector Project since it is a fan-based project.

The weapon systems are quite unique, the RAM torpedo is my personal favorite. It is a timing weapon that takes some tactical thinking to get the fullest effect from, which I like. I used it for the Seltorian's HW back when we did a LOT of house rules.

Basically the TG has three races, CG has about five and Buddadude has a couple. That's ten so far which is a pretty substantial start. And like Omega, I'm not all that concerned with everything being perfectly balance against everything else. Not every race should have fighters or PF's.

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Bringing this back to the

Bringing this back to the top. I'd like to see who has this playtest module and what you think of it. As mentioned above, imo the best weapon is the RAM torpedo.

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I see that this has been a

I see that this has been a playtest module for 15 years now. And the most recent discussion I can find on the BBS was back in 2013. That's a shame because this was quite an interesting module imo. Really unique weapons systems.

Does anyone know if this module will ever see the light of day officially or has it been left to the wayside? If it is fated to never be used as a stand-alone product I think some of it's elements would really fit nicely into this fan-created Sigma Octant Project. Really shouldn't matter where the races are actually located I would think.

If anyone's picked up this module (on e23 for $7.50) I'd like to hear your thoughts on it.

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RAM Torpedo

Other than me?

For $7.50 I figured folks would be jumping all over it. I suppose after 15 years it is never going to be an official module (too bad) but it has a LOT of really unique ships/races/weapons in it.

My favorite is the RAM torpedo.

RAM torpedoes are rack fired 'plasma-like' weapons. The rack is destroyed on drone hits. Repair cost of 4 points (rack is empty and has to be reloaded. Can reload up to two RAM torpedoes per turn). Two turn arming weapon requiring 1 point of warp on each turn. Held by rolling delay. Launched on the same step as plasma. Causes damage with a 6 as multiplier. Every second phaser damage point reduces warhead by one multiplier.

The RAM torpedo is only on the board for 10 impulses but will travel 19 hexes in that time frame. The RAM torpedo will travel from 1-3 hexes PER impulse depending on the impulse. The chart is as follows:


So on impulses 4 and 5 the RAM torpedo is moving 3 hexes in each impulse for a total of 6 hexes movement. This is a timing weapon as you want the RAM to hit on a 2 or 3 multiplier. So if you hit on I2 you'll do 12 damage. I4 or I5 you'll do 18 damage and on the S1 impulses you'll do 6 damage.

I'd like to see others purchase this module and playtest this weapon to see how they like it. I'd like to see if the damage chart is fine 'as-is' or if it needs to be modified (it is playtest after all). This is considered a secondary weapon so it may be fine 'as-is'.

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Another weapon system from this module. It is a stream of plasma at hyper-warp speed. It is a direct fire weapon.

Two turn arming weapon. T1 = one point from any source. T2 = 2 points from any source. Hold for two points. Has the 'potential' to due an incredible amount of damage within the various range brackets, however, the further out the more likely it is to do average or poor damage in that bracket. From R3 and closer though it is very powerful doing as much as 14 points of damage. Pretty substantial for 3 points of power invested and could somewhat be compared with the Hydran's fusion beam in that regard.

Overload, per the rules, is six points on the second turn of arming doing double damage. Max range of 8 hexes. This would have the potential of doing up to 28 points of damage for an investment of 7 points of damage. No hold.

Tossing this out to anyone; do you feel that 6 points is too much on the second turn of arming or the correct amount? I'm thinking more in the line of 5 points on the second turn which is 6 total which is double the normal standard shot. Double energy required for double damage. The reason I toss this out is that I feel the Hydran's fusion beam cost to damage is about right at 2, 4 or 6 points for standard, OL or Suicide OL. As a note of interest our FTF house rules have discontinued the 'suicide' portion on this double OL on the fusion beam. Our Hydran's 'double' OL does not destroy the weapon nor does it cost a point of internal damage. No reason for it to do so in light of comparable other weapons. Being a close range weapon is enough of a limitation.


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Hellfire torpedo

A very unique and extremely powerful weapon. It has two boxes per launcher. Requires two 'torp' hits to destroy one launcher. Can function under a limited basis with one hit. Can be armed over 1, 2, 3 or 4 turns. From 1 to 2.5 points of power can be added each turn it is armed. This means that a torpedo warhead can be from 1 to 10 points of power. This will yield damage from 4 to 60 points. The warhead can be upgraded. Up to two points of power can be added to increase the warheads speed ( up to a maximum of S64 but this depends upon how many turns the weapon is arming). Up to two points of power can be added to prevent the loss of damage due to phaser fire (even though the HF torpedo is NOT a plasma it is damaged by phaser fire).

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Anyone else?

Anyone else have the Triangulum Galaxy playtest module?

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Just bought it last week

I just ordered this (I love new races!) and had it arrive last week, but I haven't had a chance to do more than glance at it, and it likely won't hit the table in the near-ish future. Maybe though!

The races do look pretty cool, and the various technologies seem neat so far... but yeah, haven't really tried anything to see how it feels in practice yet.

If you like new weapons and

If you like new weapons and systems you'll really like this module. As noted above, it has a lot of new things to test out and really develop tactics around, both for and against.

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That's exactly what I like!

Yeah, I'm looking forward to it- I love new technology/races/tactics in the game. Any product that expands that is worth picking up :)

Nicozian and Borak

Then you'll love the Nicozian playtest module. The ships use skip warp (and so do the missiles). The HW is the subspace auger. They have pulse phasers and the ships are covered in collapseum armor. And there small! A heavy cruiser is the size of a type-I drone and the average Nico is about the size of a grain of rice.

The Borak are the ultimate phaser boats using ph-1 and ph-3 but also mega-phasers and the phaser cannon. They also have remote controlled Hunter-Killer fighters that double as suicide shuttles.

Lots of discussion on the Nicoazians here on the board. A bit on the Borak a well.

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Yeah, as part of my purchase, I grabbed E2-E4, and R107 (so Triangulum, Peladine, Borak, and Nicozian). Only one I've opened is Triangulum, but I'm hoping to look at the other soon too, and get them on the table. Are the Nicozians meant to be Alpha Octant? I haven't read their spiel yet.

Super small ships sounds kind of bizarre. Maybe I'll prioritize them as the next thing I look at.

All Alpha

All of them are Alpha except of course for Triangulum races/empires. Let's see, Peladine are to the left of the Lyran in the Far Stars area. The Borak, IIRC are to the left of the Hydran around the Old Colonies. Not sure about the exact location of the Nicos but they hang out around Neutron stars all over the Alpha Octant and the story in the module has them encountering the Feds.

We use all of them (Pel, Nico and Borak) as real races in our FTF games. We also use the Carnivon, Paravian, Frax, Seltorian and Vudar as well as real races. We use the Maesron, Kolighr, Vari and Hivers from Omega as Alpha races (as we like those empires but would probably never use them as Omega-only ships). We even use the Argonians (from Companion Games) as a real empire in the Alpha. All told we have 24 races in the Alpha.

I've redone the Alpha map to show where everyone is located.

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Never heard of them. Before my time, from the looks of it.

No Jindarians?

Argonians are from Companion

Argonians are from Companion Games which was around back in the 90's. Created by an SFB player, he had all sorts of various empires and modules and such. ADB forced him to stop IIRC as it built off of their creation. So it hasn't been in print for many, many years. However, you can occasionally catch a module for sale plus we have threads here on the board about the various empires, systems and weapons. I've got most of the CG material as an e-version.

Argonian ships look sorta like a martial arts throwing star. They have some unique movement rules in that they can rotate while still going in another direction. The have two weapons: Strobe which screws up enemy scanners and the Energy Flux canon that takes several impulses after firing to build up and then damage 3- 6 shields at a time. Both those weapons are detailed here on the board, IIRC in the Modifications and New Ideas section.

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I have the Jindarian modules.

I have the Jindarian modules. Actually, I have two of them and want to trade one for something I don't have yet. We've never incorporated them though, yet...

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Will check it out

Yeah, I see a lot of the SOP threads, I'll take a look at the Argonians' rules, and I guess I'll keep an eye out for a copy of the material too (so I can have some SSDs :) ).

I own the Jindarian module, but yeah, I haven't had the chance to use it yet. Soon, hopefully. Too much to try to play!

Found it on ebay

Found Argonian-1 on ebay, so hopefully that's on the way soon :)

I sold it to you lol - i have them all on PDF also

I sold it to you lol - i have them all on PDF also

Well, at least I have them :)

Do you have the other ones on PDF? I haven't been able to find the other ones (other than Argonian-1, Far Side-1, and Galactic Fire 1&3.... which you sold me!)

Galactic Fire 1 has SSDs for a Scorpead Light Cruiser... but no rules for its Phaser-MR, Phaser-SR, or Hyperspace Detonator. Any idea where those come from?

I have on PDFs of Argonians 1

I have on PDFs of
Argonians 1 2 3
Krebiz 1 2 3 4
Far Side 1
Indirigans 1
Mechad 1
Vektreans 1
Playtest Scorpead - includes Phaser-MR, Phaser-SR, or Hyperspace Detonator rules
Playtest Leopan
Playtest Centaurian

I will send you the playtest Scorpead stuff to your paypal email so you have the full rules



Sigma Octant Project

Touching base on the Sigma Octant Project (SOP) that we started a while back, using the Triangulum Galaxy Ships combined with the Companion Games Ships and BD's Shimmeran Ships I'd say we have enough to fill the Sigma Octant. I may play around with a map. If I get one done and anyone wants a copy let me know.

With all the worm-holes a spacial anomalies in Star Trek it would be pretty easy for any SO vessel to battle any Alpha and/or Omega ship ;)

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I would

I'd love to see a map! Have you guys heard anything more from the Pinwheel Galaxy folks?

Also, did you get a copy of the Shimmeran stuff? I couldn't find a link that worked.

I shot you an reply email.

I shot you an reply email. I've also contacted Dale about getting in touch with you on his Dalien Sway and Shimmeran projects.

When I get the opportunity I'll work on a Sigma map and then send it to anyone interested. All unofficial and fan-based of course. I don't foresee anyone actually doing official Sigma Octant work so perhaps it's territory left up to the fan base to work. Kinda like X2 material.

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Got it!

From the one link you sent me, I did get the Dalien and Shimmeran stuff, so I'll start looking at that eventually. Thank you!

Triangulum Galaxy playtest material

Does anyone out there have any of the new (2013) Triangulum Galaxy playtest material ? I missed out years ago to sign up as a play tester. Races like the Atrean Directory , Valorean Coalition, Azary Haven etc. I have some of the old NGG 1997 races, E2 and CL23. Willing to trade some obscure forgotten 3rd party races and or PDFs.

I've not heard of the Atrean

I've not heard of the Atrean Directory, Valorean Coalition or Azary Haven. I do have a Triangulum Galaxy module but it must be an older version?

Ah, just looked and what I have is dated 2001. You mention a new 2013 version, is it available in PDF for download? Is this something that's been brought back to life. Sounds interesting.

Haven't played any SFB for a while, not since last year. Been getting into Pathfinder lately with a group from work (used to play AD&D back in the 70's and early 80's. Pathfinder is like D&D 3.75 from what I'm finding out and I've enjoyed it quite a bit. I have room for SFB too so maybe I'll see about getting a game going this coming weekend).

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Hey Kevin R...

Can you email me the Companion Games PDFs?

Send them to



Triangulum 2013

Touching on this thread again. Anyone know if there is a 2013 download that has the new races as listed above?

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