The Sigma Octant Project

Talking with Matt Potter in another thread gave me this idea. Now, I could be mistaken, but I don't foresee ADB ever doing anything with the Sigma Octant. So I propose an unofficial SOP (Sigma Octant Project) by players that would like to work together to develop a player-created Sigma Octant. Some folks here have already done work on several empires, backgrounds, new weapon systems, ships and SSD's. A joint effort may produces some interesting ideas and lots of playtesting and games.

Nothing official. Nothing to make money on. Just between the players that would like a hand in the project. A joint sharing of ideas. And no one would have to worry about censorship from ADB or them poo-pooing anyone's creativity.

I'd be up for the project and the designing of the octant map. (Calling Buddadude and Mudfoot and others!) Time to get your creative geek on ;)

Some have developed some empires already. Some have worked on some weapons systems already. We'd need to figure out how many empires to fill the Sigma Octant as well as perhaps something to make it unique.


Companion Games

As mentioned, I believe I have all the Companion Games material and a lot of it is quite interesting. Something could be done with some or all of the races in CG. Since this company is out of business and it's all unofficial anyway and just for player fun I don't see any issue in using it.

I can list the various races and their weapons systems for discussion/consideration.

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What's this Companion Games stuff?

I'm unfamiliar with the material Companion Games published. What's it about?

Below are a couple of links

Below are a couple of links and a description of the Energy Flux heavy weapon used by the Argonians.

Companion Games was developed in the early 90's using SFB rules. ADB sent them a Cease and Desist and they closed down. Before that however they came out with several modules, a half dozen races and a fairly complete background history for all of them. The were on the 'Far Side' of the galaxy.

Interesting races and weapons systems including things like plasma phasers, and phasers that do more damage at medium/long range and less at close range. If you're interested in seeing the whole thing, shoot me your email. I think I still have all the files in an email to send out. That's how I got them from a member here several years ago.

With a little work, these would go a long way towards starting a Sigma Sector Project.

A brief description of the EF (Energy Flux):

* The EF is a three-turn arming weapon.

* The EF requires a total of 10 units of power. This is divided over the 3-turn spread. The allocation may be in any amount, as long as the next turn is equal to or more than the previous turns allotment. Thus the allotments may be as follows 1,1,8 or 1,2,7 or 1,3,6 or ,1,4,5 or 2,2,6 or 2,3,5 or 2,4,4 or 3,3,4.

* The EF has three firing modes;
Mode 1= hit on a 1-5 out to R14 (which is max range for the weapon) and does full damage to the 3 facing shields.
Mode 2 = hit on a 1-4 and does full damage to the 3 facing shields and 1/2 damage to the other 3 shields.
Mode 3 = hit on 1-3 and does full damage on all 6 shields.

* The damage chart is ranged similar to the phaser table with max damage on a roll of 1, slightly less damage on a 2-5 and least damage on a roll of 6. The maximum damage possible is 12 points at R2 or less with a minimum of 1 damage at R14 on a die roll of 6.

* May be fast loaded in two turns if a total of 6 points of damage have been allocated and will do 1/2 damage.

* There is no OL function.

* The EF is fired as a DF weapon. The to-hit is rolled as per normal. The actual effects do not take place until 8 impulses later as the weapon builds around the ships shields. The damage scored at this time is based on the range that the weapon originally ht at, not the range 8 impulses later when the weapon takes effect.

* Does not effect ESG.

* Against cloak; As per normal DF weapons against cloaked ships. If fired at a ship PRIOR to ship cloaking is NOT effected by the cloak if ship cloaks before 8 impulse build up is completed. If fired during fade in/out is effected as per normal DF weapons.

* Internals scored through different down shields are scored as separate volleys.

I see this as an interesting weapon that will require some new tactics to use. Although it 'could' have tremendous crunch power (if very close, if a 1 is rolled, if multiple EF's hits) it looks to be a weapon that works well in wearing down an enemy ship over time (like using EPT's against an enemy except the range of the EF is more limited than the EPT).


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Companion Games

Took a look at the modules I have:

Argonians 1, 2 and 3

Far Side 1

Indirigan 1

Krebitz 1,2,3 and 4

Mechad 1

Vektreans 1

According to some of the modules, there appears to be a Indirigans 2, far side 2, Leopans 1 and Scorpead 1 that I don't think I have.

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The Dalian Sway and Shimmerans can be added

Although the history I wrote for the Sway puts them just outside the Tholian Home Galaxy, it could be rewritten. The Shimmerans could fit anywhere.

For those not IKV, both are races I created while bored and unemployed last year.

The Dalian Sway uses Burrow Guns ( mini-photon(s) imbedded in a PH-5 that can shoot thru shields), Mine-Casters (throws mines to a point in space at warp) and Defensive Round Cannons (warp Phalanx).

The Shimmerans move by teleporting their ships with Quantum Singularity Manipulators (QSM) instead of using warp drive. They can also use a powered QSM(s) to make gravity waves. The PH-II is the only beam weapon they have. They also have Warp Disruption Cannons. These cause a targets warp field to flutter causing a ship to shake apart (like Andro TRs) with damage equal to the target's speed.

With what I have from the old

With what I have from the old CG stuff and your Dalian Sway and Shimmerans we've got eight empires so far. That's a pretty good start. We should nail down how many we want to be in the Sigma Octant and then start looking at creating a map for them.

For the Dalian Sway and Shimmerans, figure out what you'd like to see as far as them being a major or minor empire. Are they close together or far apart in the octant? Are they aggressive, friendly or neutral? And really anything else you'd like to see about them done. Figure this is wide open territory and for the fun of it.

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Start (or continue) a thread on each of your empires and systems.

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As mentioned in the other

As mentioned in the other thread, the Triangulum Galaxy provides three empires, Far Side has five races and Buddadude has two races. That's ten empires so far to start off the Sigma Sector.

When I get the opportunity I'll draft out a map of the Octant. Is ten a nice round number or does anyone have any other empires to toss out for inclusion?

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Revived SOP

I'm reviving the Sigma Octant Project. I'll be shooting out some emails to all interested parties. I'd like to get a map generated with the involved empires/races.

Shoot me the empires/races you'd like included and information as to small or large territories, any particular empire/race you'd like them near and any other information you think is important. Use this thread for ideas and discussion.

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