accelerating from speed 0?

IIRC, after performing an emergency decel - a ship must remain at speed 0 for 16 impulses

if a ship starts a turn at speed 0 (not because of emergency decel, but planned during energy allocation), does that 16 impulse delay go into effect? or can the ship accelerate with a mid-turn speed change earlier than that?

From 0

The 16 impulse delay is the result of the emergency deceleration, not the being speed 0.

So if you start a turn at speed 0, you can accelerate (using plotted or unplotted speed changes)any speed up to 10, declared on impulse 3 for 4 (as that is the earliest time you can declare a mid turn speed change). So, for example, you can be speed 31 on impulse 32 of turn N, speed 0 on impulse 1 of turn N+1, and then accelerate to speed 10 on impulse 3 (for impulse 4) of turn N+1.

If you going to speed 0 via mid turn speed changes, you can only decelerate (during a turn) by half your speed or 4, so to go speed 0, you needed to be moving speed 4 or less at the time you announce a deceleration to speed 0.

If you want to go a negative/reverse speed, you need to wait 8 impulses from the time you stopped. So you could be going speed 31 on impulse 32 of turn N, 0 on impulse 1 of turn N+1, and then declare speed -10 (i.e. 10 backwards) on impulse 8 (for 9) of turn N+1. Unless you pay breaking energy (a fairly obscure rule that doesn't come up much), where you pay energy equal to the speed you were moving on impulse 32 of turn N and immediately start moving backwards on impulse 1 of turn N+1 (i.e. if you are moving speed 4 on impulse 32 of turn N, you can pay 4 breaking energy and then start moving speed -10 on impulse 1 of turn N+1).

But yeah, the short version is "no, you don't need to wait 16 impulses to start moving again, as that is a specific penalty for using emergency deceleration."


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Another ED question

A ship EDs in the last quarter of the turn, so the post-decelleration period extends into the first quarter of the following turn. They plot to speed up on the soonest impulse they are allowed to.

When is the next time they can use a mid-turn speed change? Is it 8 impulses after the post-decel period ends (e.g. the accelleration from the ED counts as it's own speed change? Despite the fact you had to pay for movement during the time you were stopped) Or is it at any normal impulse? (the accelleration from the post-decel period assumes you were "moving" during the time you were stopped.)