Pakled Pee-pees

FASA to SFB Conversion for Randomly Generated Pakleds

Brdg Superstructure /10
Emer Superstructure /10-1
Aux Total Power /15
Flag Superstructure /10-1
Scty Crew,Troops /100+/25
CO Superstructure /10
SO Superstructure /10-2
Sky Superstructure /10-1 *1X
Batl Superstructure /10-1 *2X
Comp Computer Type 1-5
Crew Units Crew /10
Boarding Crew,Troops /20,/5
Deck Shuttlecraft /2
Pass Passengers /10+2
SpecSen Superstructure /12 xT*
SpecScan Superstructure /12 xT*
SpecComm Superstructure /12 xT*
Sensor Superstructure /3
Scanner Superstructure /3
Damcon Superstructure /3
Excdam Superstructure /3
Cargo SCU /10
Hold Shuttlecraft /2 xT*
Shuttle Shuttlecraft /2 xT*
Hull Superstructure /1
Armour Superstructure /3
Repair SCU /40
Const SCU /200
Warp Warp /1
Imp Imp /1
APR Warp,Imp /12,/4
AWR Warp,Imp /20,/5
Btty Total Power /10
PO Total Power /20
Beam Max Beam Power /5, x2
Missile Damage,Power /5, xPower
Plasma RPL-3 x2
Shields Max Shield x2T+2
Barr Troops /20
Quar Passengers /10
NWO Superstructure /6 xT*

This is to convert the Randomly Generated Pakled ships to SFB, SMTS based off of Don Miller's FASA Conversion.

Random Pakled Starship Generator

Hold on to your Butts, but smeone actually made this; it appeared in Challenge Magazine #64, I think, check in#65 if I'm off, and it's for the STCS, rare, "Official TNG"/Alien ship, there.

It's fascinating, and I preserved it, so here it is, a similar one was made by some gf who'll go nowhere in life, for WYN Link-Caravans (ref. t in Supplement #2: 1X and 2Xe/2Xs Ships).

1- Roll 1d100 to determine Superstructure.
2- Choose Damage Chart.
3- Roll 1d100x1d10 to determine number of Cargo Units.
4- Roll 1d10 to determine totla number of Transporters and/or Shuttles.
5- Roll 1d100+40 to determine Power.
6- Spread Power Across the Engines.
7- Roll 1d4 to determine Engines.
8- Roll 1d10 to determine total number of Weapons.
9- Roll 1d6 for Shield Arc per Weapon.
10- Roll 1d10 for Damage.
11- Roll 2d10 for Firing Chart Entry.
12- Roll 2d10 for Maximum Shield Power.
13- Roll 1d10 for Shield Point Ratio.
14- Roll 1d10, and consult the Special Item Table.

Special Item Table

1- Cloaking Device, Power Cost- 50.
2- No Item.
3- Phaser Array. Firing Chart M, Max Beam Power 10, Choose Firing Arc.
4- Plasma Weapon. Firing Chart T, Power to Arm 8, Damage Chart RL-3, Firing Arc Forward.
5- No Item.
6- Tractor Beam. Power Use- 30.
7- Blaster Cannon. Firing Chart R, Max Beam Power 7, Firing Arc Port.
8- Cloaking Device, Power Cost- 75.
9- Roll again twice.
10- Laser Cannon. Firing Chart H, Max Beam Power 3. Choose Two Firing Arcs.

Also, go to, for 1d100x1d10 of *insert a few dozen occasionally symetrical terms here*, and other weird stuff to improve your brain, too, and go to his Samaritan Snare Edutainment for an equally bizarre look at the Pakleds, and some other stuff you won't mind being only dimly aware of, in blurry background detail.

Enjoy, I also have non-Trek systems for STCS, maybe I'll show those/ships, as well as ICON Non-Trek, also, anyone else have Pakled Stats, drop em' here, and the Challenge Scenario also had an unusually smart one named Dogolog, with a 2250s' Hand Laser, one of my favourite Technologies in it.