Shield Reinforcement

I was playing the other day and noticed my opponent was (early in the game when he had power) placing 10 points of power into general reinforcement. Any thoughts on this tactic?

it's trading effectivess

it's trading effectivess versus flexibility

if you commit a buncha reinforcement to one shield, my tendency was to try to keep that shield facing the enemy - which thus restricts your movement options (which is never a good thing)

IF i had the leftover power during allocation, and IF i was unsure of what shield was gonna get smacked that turn, i'd say general is the way to go

if you guys use the EW rules, you're usually better off poweing up a bunch of ECM (if it's feasible)

I can see general

I can see general reinforcement if a shield is down and you want to keep BP from storming aboard. Or if the shield is down and you won't have a chance to turn before the enemy can fire (I would think with a small amount of firepower as it's pretty inefficient to stop a full on Alpha strike). I don't recall actually using it very much.

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General reinforcement is

General reinforcement is great if there are multiple enemies and/or the enemy is very fast and maneuverable, so you can't just put it in a specific shield.

I've rarely seen that much put into general shield reinforcement, but then we use EW rules so power usually goes into that too. Just last game I was force to drain my batteries and pump 10 power into SPECIFIC reinforcement on my #1 shield, since I had just managed to repair a couple of boxes on it and it was by far my most damaged shield and the Romulan was likely going for my weakest shield.

But what some people do while learning might make sense to them early on in their learning games, they'll soon realize that there are more important things to spend the energy on. Usually putting 6 power into one shield and 4 points into another shield and keeping those two shields facing the enemy is better than 10 general reinforcement.

General Reinforcement

It is occasionally worth using general reinforcement in tournament games:

-The WYN Aux often has a lot of excess power, and trouble controlling what shield is going to get shot. Putting 10 power in general, and then using 5 batteries to stop 10 total damage on any shield that gets hit is often very effective. And very demoralizing for your opponent.

-Plasma ships fighting a Tholian on the first turn can easily put 10 points of power in reinforcement. As the Tholian is good at making you turn if it wants, putting 10 power in general is often better than putting 10 power on a shield that might not get shot, as a web might make you turn.

Granted, general reinforcement is not usually a good use of power, but once and a while, it is gold. I won a horrible match up in the online Master's tournament final one year as a WYN Aux vs an Archeo Tholian, primarily 'cause I spent most of the game moving speed, like, 10 or so (as I had to stop at some point, and never got up past speed 11, to avoid breaking down in a cast web), and had, like, 10-18 power in general reinforcement every turn as a result, which made the Tholian's plan of "send up a web, fire phasers at R5 through the web" not that effective.

I guess the thing is we are

I guess the thing is we are not using EW (except from natural sources and special sensors). Thanks for the viewpoints.