Ship Modules

Anyone have recommendations or favorites among ship modules i.e. Module R5: Battleships, Module R6: Fast Warships, Module R7: Dreadnoughts at War, Module R10: The New Cruisers etc.

Any worth getting or particularly interesting in your opinion?

Thank you.


R5 was really good when it came out, but that might have been 'cause it was the first really new thing they put out for the Captain's Edition. It has battleships and NCAs and a few other things, which are kind of standard at this point in time (the NCAs, not as much the battleships).

R6 is less entertaining, for my money, as it is mostly just the Fast ships, which I was never all that fond of as a concept (take a cruiser, add some bigger engines, take out some guns). I think it also has some important new rules in it, however (Plasma Carronade, maybe?).

R7 is a lot of "let's make sure everyone has access to the same stuff", which isn't a problem, but not that super exciting--it is a lot of heavy DNs and light/fast DNs and extra carriers and stuff.

R10 is much like R7--take the NCAs that you got in R5, and make all the variants that you'd expect--carriers, command ships, scouts, survey ships, PFTs, whatever.

R6's special rule is HDW

R6's special rule is HDW modularity.
Carronades (and Sabots) are in R11
That said, my favorite new ship module is R3 because I play Hydrans.

Module R5, does that contain

Module R5, does that contain anything new with the Klinks B10?

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Probably. I think it has the B11 (the heavy B10). And maybe some other B10 variant. R5 has battleships for everyone, NCAs, heavy CCs, and a few other goofy ships (BCVs, probably).

I remember you and I talking

I remember you and I talking about the B11 a few years ago. Bit more power, more phasers etc. Thing must be a pig!

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i have these - R5 - (races

i have these -

R5 - (races get kinda "generisized?"
i like the Heavy Command Cruisers (damn near Heavy Battle Cruisers) and the New Heavy Cruisers
also has the big Battleships & Carriers, couple of Hydran Destroyers, and a Lyran Destroyer

R6 - (cool concepts)
Fast Warships are novel (good speed & EW but subpar offence) - probably fun in a Black Hole battle (also seem to be a hot spot for Prime Teams, although i don't know if combining two subpar ideas makes a good one) ... also makes a good support ship or leader of lessers
Heavy War Destroyers can be fitted with various (limited) equipment & weapons and carry 2 fighters (another generic design among races)
Police Flagships (see HWD above)
also has Mobile Carriers, Fast Resupply Ships (contain yer excitement), Fed Drone CA, Romulan FF, Tholian Phaser CA, buncha Hydran DDs, Lyran CL, ISC CM, and a few odds & ends

R10 - (the races are pretty much just using each other's assembly lines at this point)
New Heavy Cruiser variants galore - it's in here
Gorn Dreadnaught DD (gross)
plus 4 funky ships from the Tholians & ISC (2 per) - took CL designs and welded a power & weapons "module" to it - so you get a CA with 20 to 24 warp

i think the new Plasma rules (uncool) are in R10

all in all, i think those are pretty good

Carronades and sabots...

...are in R10. Along with ECM plasma, which is s stupid rule that would never have been necessary had anyone been awake when the ECM drone was first proposed,


I have

R5. Battleships, which are too big to be used much. NCAs which are sensible but a bit dull.

R6. Contents as sporki lists above. Much of it's fine. But I hate HDWs. Lousy concept, nasty implementation, ugly ships, vile cookie-cutterism at its worst, with the slight exception of the Lyran Jagdpanther.

R7 Dreadnoughts. See R5. Everyone gets an early DN, a heavy DN, a light (aka fast) DN, a BBV, a BB-SCS and in some cases a local variant just for them. I don't think I've ever used a ship in this book.

R8 System Defence Command. I quite like this, but I'm probably in a minority. It adds the background stuff that makes the galaxy work. Refitted EY ships, freighters, auxiliaries, police.

R9 Ships that never were. Some people object because a lot of this is conjectural or unbuilt (so "illegal!") but it's FUN. A lot more interesting than R5/6/7/10.

R10 New Cruisers. When R5 came out people proposed a lot of NCA variants, and SVC always maintained that no NCA variants were ever built. Then he changed his mind. So lots and lots of NCA variants, and nothing else except plasma rules. Dull but worthy.

R11 Support Ships. A bit like R8, but more modern. Military transport variants, light PFTs, workboats (civilian ex-PFs), police variants and a bunch of other stuff that didn't fit into any other product. Quite interesting if you want scenarios that won't pop straight out of rule (S8.0)

R12 Unusual ships. I meant to get this, as it looked amusing, but I never got around to it. See R8/9/11, I expect.

R10 Plasma

Ah, yeah, R10.

Carronades are excellent. I'm very pro them. They are flexible and good for what the Gorn generally want to do anyway.

Sabot plasma is crazy. I only every used it the one time in a DD squadron tournament on SFBOL, where my Gorn BDDs killed everyone with sabot plasma on a closed map. Which was nuts. I don't know how much they'd help on an open map, but they couldn't hurt.

ECM plasma. Well, you got ECM drones. And they are a nightmare. ECM plasma is just a reasonable way to give the plasma side of the galaxy something to compete with. I'd rather just neither ECM drones and ECM plasma not exist.

R6 - Fast Warships

Found R6 on Amazon for $12.99 so I figured I'd give it a shot. Haven't ordered any SFB stuff so far this year so figured I was due :)

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Still waiting for

Still waiting for R6...

Ordered back on May 17th and it looks like it was just shipped yesterday (24th). Tracking said that the information had been sent to the carrier on the 21st but nothing after that. So yesterday I contacted them about it. They said that yes it had shipped, however about an hour later the tracking showed that it had made it to the carrier. So it looks like they left it laying around and didn't actually ship till yesterday. Well, that's the risk sometimes. It will reflect in their review.

On the other hand, I ordered an IWB holster for my off-duty firearm, custom made that was made and shipped the same day as my order. I appreciate that kind of service.

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Mudfoot wrote: >>R5.

Mudfoot wrote:

>>R5. Battleships, which are too big to be used much.<<

Agreed. Back around 87-88 I played in a game that used the B-10 with some fighters and gunboats vs. some type of Fed carrier with fighters and PF's and escorts. It was a fun game but yeah, it was quite involved.

Couple of years ago my son and I started to play the B10 and company vs. the Kzinti SSCS and company. It was boggling the number of drones that would have been on the board! Not to mention all the other stuff i.e. fighters/PF's and T-bombs etc. We decided against it.

Wouldn't mind actually playing that game, but it would take a fair bit of setting up properly and have all the necessary forms to track drones and such at the ready. Likely it would be the game you have to set up somewhere that it can be left untouched for several sessions.

Peter wrote:

>>I'd rather just neither ECM drones and ECM plasma not exist.<<

Agreed. We used ECM drones once. May try it again at some point but in no real rush to do so. ECM plasma...yeah, no.

My thoughts:

R5. Battleships - Actually enjoyed this module. I don't go with the 'no one ever built them' philosophy. I think it's just natural that each/most fleets would build them and particularly like the SDS and such. As I noted above, they are a challenge to actually get a game on with because it is likely to be a multi-session game that is quite in-depth. But sometimes you get into the mood for a game like that! If anyone here has ever played Axis and Allies 1940 Global you'll know what I mean. THAT is an indepth game that is going to take a couple of long days to play!

R7 Dreadnoughts - Again, just like R5 I enjoyed this module for the same reasons. Some days your just in the mood for a big ship/big battle.

IMO, the OOB as given in canon SFB is somewhat unrealistic. Same with canon TOS ST where it was said in one episode that there were only 12 other ships like the Enterprise. That's far too few. TNG is far more accurate in that Star Fleet has several thousand ships. Look at the Dominion wars where they were losing several hundred in just one battle, not to mention the Borg. Given the size of space, the resources on just one planet and the fact that each 'empire' has many resource planets plus many billions of 'people' plus all the asteroids and what not it makes sense that each 'empire' would have many more ships than what is given. Just my view.

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Just picked up: Module X1R:

Just picked up:

Module X1R: X-Ship Reinforcements

Module J2: Advanced Fighters

Module R10: The New Cruisers

These were $12.99 each on Ebay. Also have Module R6: Fast Warships still on the way but taking the slow boat. That was $12.99 as well.

Yay me :)

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