C.G. Bi-Tritium Boomerang Torpedo

This is a second (secondary) HW system in our FTF Peladine ships. Here is the synopsis:

Two turn arming weapon = 2/4 and hold for 2 points.

BTBT may be damaged on a 2:1 basis like normal plasma. There is a difference however, the BTBT can be damaged not only by phasers, but also drones (or other seeking weapons), ESG's, and mines.

The BTBT is targeted on a ship in the FH of the ship, but launches out of the LR or RR of the ship. It basically travels backwards and turns around to track the target ship. The speed, turn mode and damage inflicted is dictated by the range bracket as follows:

Range 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35

Speed 20 26 32 40 32 26 20
TM 2 1 1 1 1 1 2

Damage 10 20 30 40 30 20 10

Obviously this is a timing weapon. It 'can' do a lot of damage, but takes more damage than plasma. It 'can' go really fast for half its life. The actual amount of hexes traveled will greatly depend on when it is launched in the turn.

Thoughts welcome. :)

Well, first of all the

Well, first of all the movement is confusing. Range - from launch or to target? TM gets better the faster it goes? That's opposite of everything I know of. And the speed 40. That could become complicated when using a 32-impulse chart for some people (me included). So I think it should be limited to spd 32.

I thought 40 damage was too much until I compared it to a plasma. Then I thought, okay.

Now to me when I think boomerang, I think of going past the target and then reversing course and hitting the target from behind. It would be shot toward the target, goes 1 hex past, does a HET and hits the targets rear the next impulse. Make it move spd 32 until the one hex past point. Then we can say it goes spd 40 after the HET so the target can't get away.

Forgot about this thread

Range would be the total hexes traveled. Which would be more than a normal seeking weapon since it is launched out the rear of the ship first (yet tracks only on a target in the FH of the firing ship). The justification given is that it takes a bit for it to work up its speed and effectiveness. In some ways it is similar to Omega's Kinetic Wave Generator that takes a while to build up to its maximum potential damage output (and goes down afterwards as the range increases). So both are weapons you DON'T want hitting right away as the damage potential is reduced.

Speed 40 is nothing new as it's been used on Plasma Sabots for quite a long time. Simply put, whenever the S32 movement also as a S8 movement the plasma, or in this case the BTBT moves twice i.e. two hexes for that impulse.

To note, I have adjusted the speeds of the BTBT from canon-CG. The canon-CG BTBT starts off at S10 and works its way up to S32 and then back down to S10. S10 is just stupidly slow for this weapon to ever have a chance to hit. By that chart the target MUST be close and MUST be moving slowly for an EXTENSIVE period of time.

My revised chart allows it to pretty much have the same opportunity that normal plasma has, perhaps slightly worse since it is damaged by more than phasers i.e. drones (but then this is a secondary weapons system).

Range 1-5.....6-10.....11-15.....16-20.....21-25.....26-30.....31-35

Speed 20......26..........32..........40...........32..........26............20
TM........2........1............1............1.............1.............1............ 2

Damage 10....20...........30..........40...........30..........20...........10

Yes, it can move S40. But only within a window of 5 impulses so at most it would get two double movements. That's quite a bit less than a standard plasma sabot. Yes, it can do 40 points of damage but again, that is a window of 5 impulses and again, it is damaged by quite a bit of stuff that normal plasma isn't damaged by (though in our FTF games an ESG will damage a plasma as per phasers).

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