Question about Star Fleet's prison system

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Long time, no post. I just got a story published in Captain's Log 47, called "Into the Eagle's Nest". I hope people enjoy it. It was the Police Action scenario SG22 I played with Krypto that inspired it. (He also helped me playtest the "Flight of the Takwin" scenario that made it into CL 46, so if you're reading this Krypto, thanks again man!)

Anyway, I'm thinking about another story. There's one thing I'm wondering about that I'm hoping you guys can help me on.

When a Star Fleet officer or crewman is court-martialed, what happens to them? Prison? Death? (No way, right?)

Would there be different degrees of punishment, depending on the offense? I would imagine more severe punishment for something like mutiny versus incompetence.

Also, does anyone know anything about the Federation's prison system? Has this been addressed at all in previous SFU fiction that you guys know of? It's something you don't see on Star Trek, but the Star Fleet Universe is more practical and in some ways more realistic. Not the utopia shown in Trek. But I don't know.

I'm thinking there would have to be standard Federation prisons for regular criminals. But what do you do with political or military prisoners? Does Star Fleet have its own prison system? Seems like it would have to.

Again, none of this fits with the socialist utopia that is original Trek, where crime doesn't exist. But it has to be handled somehow, right? I mean, the Klingons have penal ships. What do the Feds have?

P.S. You guys ready for the Platinum Cup? I'm ready to get my ass kicked!

One reference you could check

One reference you could check from TOS would be every episode (or novelization by James Blish) that had Harry Mudd in it. There was also that other space trader who peddled the tribbles. I seem to remember veiled threats of various punishments.

Garth of Izar was in a facility for the insane, so that would be totally different.

Consider that the SFU is not all that different from modern society except for the technology. Forget anything you ever saw from any other ST franchise show.

Thanks Samkirk

Appreciate the response!