Worth getting Omega Module One?

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Since you like to play with "unique" races (have notably different weapons), Omega would be good for you. If you can, I would suggest getting it.

Very different

It's a rather chaotic mess of a bit of everything with little heed paid to balance. There are (IIRC) 8 empires in there and none of them get enough ships or timeframe to really show you what it's all about. So you'll want O2 as well if you get O1, and then maybe O3 and O4. The history is quite interesting, but the crunch doesn't have the same level of care that you'd expect of Alpha.

Personally, I was underwhelmed. Lots of the BPVs are way out and it's hard to create a balanced battle without substantial experience. EW is very important and often skews the balance even further. Omega ships are not remotely balanced against Alpha ships, especially those with drones.

LMC is somewhat better, though not without its faults.

Considering your games thus far, I think the only real benefit you'd get from Omega is in a wide selection of alternative weapons to give people. So if you want to give the bugs or Tholians something instead of the disruptor or PC, you won't be spoilt for choice. That said, I don't think many of the weapons are that interesting, and the numerous phaser types are different for difference's sake.

Ebay had it for a few pennies

Ebay had it for a few pennies less than $12 so I bought it to take a look.

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I receveived O1 a few days

I receveived O1 a few days ago and have been looking at it. I like it quite a bit. As mentioned above, it has a plethora of choices for weapons and ship systems. Just in phasers, they're about a half-dozen different types i.e. wide angle, radiation, particle etc. I rather like this as it just makes sense that different races would develop different tech on some things. One of my dislikes of the Alpha was that half of the races had disruptors. Too me, that just doesnt' sync which is why I/we have gone to lengths to change things up.

I don't know if we would actually play an Omega sector game, but I can readily see putting some of the races into the Alpha Octant. Looking at the SFB map, the Alpha actually has quite a bit of room for the addition of races. To the 'west' you have space beyond the Hydans and Lyrans. The Vudar are camped out south of the Klinks on the rim. A race or two could easily be placed south of the Roms and ISC without affecting either as they don't have to be huge empires. I can see easily a half-dozen different places a race could be added and still keep the Alpha shape basically the same as it is now.

With so many types of phasers, I'm taking a look at using them here and there just for additional variety. I like the Hydrans being the only gatling race. But I could see some of the other races having a different phaser set. As an example, I could see the Feds being strictly ph-1 as the TOS Feds used phasers more than photons in a lot of episodes. Since I/we've made the Lyran the PC race...perhaps they have particle phasers as well. Perhaps the particle shotgun would be an option.

Lots of stuff to tinker with ;)

For Omega I really do like the variety of races and backgrounds. Kudos to everyone that contributed to that project. Makes me interested in O2 and beyond.

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The other Omega modules all have a variety of different things in them too.

I will off this, as a word of caution: Don't just put the Omega stuff up against Alpha stuff. The Omega stuff will die pretty easily (with a couple of exceptions). They just aren't capable of handling the power and damages that the Alpha race ships can pump out.

We played with Omega for a while when we first got it. Played it enough that we picked up O2 and O3 and O4. After that, we started moving on to other games so I've never seen what O5 has in it.


Note carefully the dates of the O1 material: this is Middle Years stuff at best, so if you fly a GW-era alpha ship against them they'll die horribly.

Also note how their phasers are likely to work against drones. A phaser that can't reasonably reliably put out 4 damage at R1-2 is going to be inadequate, and that means most Omega phasers. Likewise there are a few things that work against Omega the other way: Tachyon missiles are easy for drones to kill.

Just reading a bit about the

Just reading a bit about the FRA. It backs up what you've stated about Alpha ships being generally superior to Omega ships. I haven't anything beyond O1 but have read where the Klingons somehow ended up in/with the FRA so many ships have a photon/disruptor set up. Doesn't this go agains the tech-sloshing mandate or does that not apply to the Omega sector?

Seems like photon/disruptor ships are an excellent combination.

Seems they also use the light, standard and heavy photons to good effect. I thought those were the photons that never were???

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I now have the OMRB and all the module SSD's in PDF format and have to say I've enjoyed Omega quite a bit. A LOT of new stuff to tinker with and explore. Love the Tachyon Missiles and very similar to the Carnivon Death Bolt. I like the ability to customize that weapon system.

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