A Long Way from Home

A Long Way from Home

Star Date Y175: December 23rd

He quickly stepped out from behind the sharp turn in the dull red canyon wall and struck the enemy soldier heavily on the right side of its thick neck with the outside of his right forearm. It was a powerful strike with the power coming from his waist, just the way he’d been taught. As the soldier’s knees buckled under him, he was struck again, this time with a knee underneath his falling chin. He dropped the rest of the way to the ground like a sack of bricks. The victor stepped quickly behind the unconscious solider, placing his right arm around his neck with his right hand up and palm out while snaking his left hand around to grab the soldier’s chin on the right side. A simple, quick twist would end the life of this being. The victor stopped suddenly, catching himself before delivering the killing move. No he thought, “This isn’t me now…I don’t do this anymore”. He slowly let the unconscious soldier slide back to the ground at his feet. Standing above him covered with dirt and sweat stood a powerfully built man named Thomas Dodge, Captain of the Federation Starship Exeter. For a moment, he almost reverted to Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Dodge, Fleet Marine Force Recon. But that was a very long time ago in a place very far from where he now stood. He looked down at the enemy soldier at his feet that looked like a green, hairless gorilla and thought, “not bad for an old man though.”

The Romulan Commander carefully slipped next to him and after peering down the canyon for signs of more soldiers, looked down at this fallen soldier at the feet of the human Captain. “I had no idea that humans could be so powerful,” she said. Dodge looked at her and smiled. “That is what is known as a space-faring legend my dear Commander. While it is true that the average male Romulan or Vulcan is stronger than the average human male due to a more dense muscular structure, it is also true that humans have a greater genetic range. Some of the strongest humans in history have been able to squat over 1200lbs and press many times their own body weight. Whereas Romulans and their cousins the Vulcans, even the strongest could never achieve this level of performance.”

As an energy bolt exploded the rock above their heads they ducked and ran for cover. As they ran, Dodge couldn’t help but think that this wasn’t the first time someone had underestimated him.

To be continued...

Star Date Y175: January 15th

Star Date Y175: January 15th

Commander Joseph Tribi stormed into the briefing room tossing a PADD hard on the table and heavily took a seat at the head of the table. The other Officers and Senior Enlisted personnel just stared at him in silence and waited. Finally, Lt. JG Jennifer Alison broke the silence, “Well Commander, what’s the word on the new C.O.?” Tribi, a good looking, brash young, thrity-something Commander just glared at her. Finally he sighed and told everyone to take a seat. As the Officers and Senior Enlisted personnel took a seat, Officers at the briefing table and the rest around the perimeter of the room, he began, “I just receive the file on our new Captain. A Thomas Dodge. He’s just made Captain…after thirty-five years in Star Fleet!” It wasn’t his place or intention to put down another Officer, particularly the new Captain. Certainly not in front of the junior Officer’s and Senior enlisted. But it was also his duty, he felt, for them to know what was going on even if they had to read between the lines. Thirty-five years to make CAPTAIN! Are you serious he thought to himself. A hotshot could make Captain in twelve years if he or she is fast-tracked. Twenty years would be a stretch but understandable if he was at least competent. But THIRY-FIVE years! What kind of reject would this new ‘Captain’ turn out to be? Commander Tribi was the X.O. of the Exeter and had been for nearly a year. He was immensely proud of this ship…his ship. He’d even had a hope that he would receive a promotion, albeit an early promotion and be the new Captain. He figured it was somewhat of a long shot, but within the range of possibility due to his excellent record. But NO, they go and promote a thirty-five year has-been to the center chair. This was just great.

A deep, gravely voice from the back of the room broke his train of thought. Commander Tribi looked up as Marine Sgt.Major Tanner approached the briefing table. Normally, Tribi wasn’t much for enlisted personnel. He wasn’t exactly a snob, but he was Academy trained and felt everyone had their ‘place’ on a ship. He was an Officer, and as such felt it important to maintain some distance. Except in the case of Sgt. Major Tanner. Tanner, as the Senior enlisted Marine aboard Exeter warranted respect. And to be honest, Tribi was just slightly in awe of him, or perhaps it was tinged with fear . Tanner stood tall and grim, a highly decorated veteran with the battle scars to prove it. Sgt. Major Tanner was a no-nonsense Marine and in short, people just didn’t screw around with him.

Tanner began in a slow, deliberate manner while looking Tribi dead in the eyes, “Sir, with your permission, I believe I have some information on our new Captain that you and the others should know about”.


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Star Date Y171: February 15th

Commander Thomas Dodge sat in the empty courtroom. Just minutes before it had been a crowd of Officers, Marines and members of the media. Now it was empty and quiet. Dodge sat somberly in the defendants chair he had occupied off and on for the better part of the last year.


This had been the verdict passed on all the charges that had been levied against him during his court martial. And a litany of charges it was; Disobeying the orders of a superior officer, dereliction of duty, conduct unbecoming, unlawful use of force against Federation citizens and several minor charges. The Star Fleet prosecution had done it's very best to drag Dodge over the coals. But in the end, well, he'd been vindicated in his actions. His career was all but over, he'd never command a star ship again. But he'd been vindicated.

Still felt like a hollow victory.

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser