Submitting to ADB

Has anyone else ever submitted anything to ADB? How did you deal with the feedback you got from them?

So far I've found SVC and Steve Petrick to be very straightforward and honest, but very blunt in their reviews and criticism of submitted material. Blunt to the point that I almost feel discouraged sometimes. I don't think this is intentional at all, which is why I just power through it and keep on keepin' on!

But has anyone else here experienced this? If so, how did you deal with it? I would think that arguing with ADB over something you submitted would not be the best way to improve your odds of getting your (whatever) published. :)

Once. Years ago.

I submitted something many years back. Don't even remember the specifics anymore.

It got denied with a short "No." and some blathering about how they can't take every idea that comes in.

It didn't really discourage me, as I didn't think it was going to go through anyway, but I just wanted to see what sort of appraisal came back.

Not too long after that, a mess of new rules came out about fan sites, more fan sites started to disappear, and the cookie-cutterism of the new modules turned our group off of playing SFB. So my interest in SFB waned to the point of not creating any more material for SFB and having zero interest in ever submitting anything again.

I've submitted a story to

I've submitted a story to them for CL. SVC liked the first half of the story, but didn't like the actual battle. Said it was broken and wouldn't work. That part didn't make much sense though. I ran the battle as a simulation on SFBOL and it worked rather well. I actually let the damage that happened in the simulation dictate the flow of the story. So it would have worked well as a scenario and a story.

That story appears here and is titled, Rise of the Tiger Star. It is in the fiction section. The second half hasn't been posted yet as I haven't converted it yet to our house rules i.e. Lyrans use the Particle Cannon and the Kzintis use the Hyperdrone. I need to tweak a few things on it with the changes and just haven't gotten around to it.

I submitted several tourny ships with the SSD's in a new modernized format. Never heard back on that though. They are in the SSD section.

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That's cool

Yeah it's nice to hear that I'm not the only one!

I've had players that have

I've had players that have had stories published in CL tell me that they enjoy my stories. Too me, that is better than seeing my name in a magazine. I'd just as soon put it here on the board. This way people can enjoy them for free, I am free to write the story as I see fit, and hopefully it will bring additional players to the board.

I need to finish some of these stories and write some new ones! ;)

My other car is a D7 Battlecruiser

My experiences are the same

My experiences are the same as Vix. I've had a few things published (Axion torp, Catfish drone, a couple of ships, story in CL24) and more things rejected. And a couple of things rejected and then published under SVC's name...

Generally, Petrick is very blunt but tries to be polite; SVC is blunt but doesn't try so hard. It is discouraging, probably deliberately. I think the gist of it is that they're faced with a lot of crap that is nowhere near good enough, so the default reaction is 'no' and stays that way unless they happen to need exactly that thing at the time.

The net effect of this (at least from my POV) is that I can't be bothered to put in a lot of effort to write and test something substantial only to have it rejected because SVC has PMT.