F&E Players in NJ/NYC area?

Hi guys,

Now that Pete Dimitri is playing F&E again, we're looking for more F&E players in our area. The game is hosted at my place in Union, NJ on Tablesaurus* :-)

If you're up for the drive, there's room for you.

*Tablesaurus is a custom-built table that a friend built for me, ~8.5'x6.5' with lower and upper surfaces so a game can be set up for months, and the top can be put on to a) protect the game b) allow the table to be used for other stuff. The F&E Large Scale Map fits easily, with fleet charts.

NJ/NYC area F&E players!

You know you want to :-)

With enough heads up time, I

With enough heads up time, I should probably be able to make it.

My best chance of playing some F &E is if

you and Pete can bestir yourselves and come upstate a bit to Council of Five Nations in October :)


I just might

You've been threatening to for a couple years

OF course I haven't been there either. So I can't really rib you too much.
Seriously, I would play if you came. Of course there would be a whole lot of rules reading on my part before hand.

Completely off topic here, but...

Droid, is Minecraft any good? It looks crappy and expensive, but seems like all my friends are addicted to it!

Also, we never did play any Halo: Reach. Did you get Halo 4? It's a really fun game, man. Recommended!


is a game my son plays constantly. I like to call it Mindcraft, as it seems to control his mind. Heh.

As for Halo 4, I got it. It is good like all Halos. I slightly prefer Reach though as I love Firefight.

Still looking for F&E players

We have 4, would be great to get a couple more

Looking for F&E Players in the northern/central NJ&NYC areas

Have dedicated table, looking for players, any experience level.

Big Ed

Joe, have you contacted Big Ed?
He's in South Amboy.
He might be a good candidate.