House rules playtesters...

As many know, our FTF group has implemented a lot of house rules. Anyone interested in giving them a go can let me know and I'll provide all of our modified rules, SSD's (some of which are posted here in the SSD section) as well as the tactics we've developed. Some examples are;

The Fed has no drones, but does have the ASW which works like an ADD but is also usable against plasma.

The Kzin uses hyper-drones instead of disruptors.

The Lyran use the particle cannon instead of the disruptor which uses a capacitor system similar to the ESG.

Suicide shuttles aren't charged, but rather use T-bombs.

Wild weasels aren't charged.

Hard hits from the DAC.

And a plethora of others modifications that have really, in my opinion, enhanced the game.